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Is this an April Fool’s joke?  Will we be without a Freecycle laugh or two?  Stay tuned!!


Hello Freecyclers!

Yahoo has informed everyone and we want to pass it on that they are having a scheduled outage for all of Yahoo Groups for tomorrow, April 1st. That means messages will no be approved by moderators or automatically and there will be no emails sent from our group or any other yahoo groups. Hopefully this won’t be a long outage and Friday we’ll be up and running again.


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WANTED: Monkey Forms- I am looking for monkey taxidermy forms to base a sculpture on. Will pickup/meet at a drop point. If anyone has faces, rears and/or whole body forms, please let me know.

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Not for the mouth and very long stainless steel stem.  I will stop right there with my commentary.

OFFER: Digital thermometer not for mouth -This is a Trutemp by Taylor Digital Thermometer. It is very long stainleess steel stem with a pocket case. Accurate from -40 degrees to 302 degrees F.

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  • Seriously, Freecycle grifters. No one has a working G5 just “lying around”. Quit asking, you’re ruining the internet. -by petrajane
  • Turns out that listing evil child would violate ebay’s terms. Freecycle it is then. -by smileandnoduk
  • @billythekid I always chuckle when I see overly specific freecycle requests… really, go to a thrift shop if you’re shopping! -by alphabitch
  • Oooh. A piano on freecycle. Wish I had the room for it, and the power to lift heavy objects with my mind, and then fit them in hatchbacks.-by greythorne
  • Think I’ve just been freecycle-sharked. A flash dude in a Beemer cannot really need an old cd player. A tenner says he sells it on in a week by Stunt_Girl
  • The only benefit I get from the local freecycle list is amusement.-by resident_hippie
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] wanted: help moving beds to my apt
  • Freecycle – we’re giving you stuff for nothing. Not dismantling it. Cleaning it. Carrying it to your car. Providing you with a guarantee.-by davidsteven
  • freecycle post “A quantity of Flower Arranging impediments” -by purpledingles

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Freecycle should worship the ground that we stand on.  We introduce the category “At Your Service.”  If we find a WANTED post that is looking for its match, we will post them together and hope there is synchronicity, kind of like “Missed Connections” on Craigslist.  You’re welcome.

WANTED: Man’s wig prefer curly one

There is a guy at my work that just shaved his head and someone called
him “Curly” since he has no hair.. so anyway he mentioned wanting a
wig.. so anyway anyone have one they aren’t using.”

OFFER: New stylish mohawk wig (very nice)-This is an item that is actually very beautiful, Its black and the middle is a deep bronze and very stylish. I went through a phase where I wanted to cut my hair and needed to see how short I wanted to go.. I never did cut my hair but I did keep the item and its never been worn.

Good for : Testing out the style, flat out getting Stylish and Club wear
Not : Halloween type

Pick up anytime..

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Know when to walk away, know when to run…Oh Kenny, am I losing my mind?

Image by dogwelder

RE-OFFER: Partially deflated red, white, and blue balloons-

About 25 balloons total. Red, white, and blue. Partially deflated w/ red, white, and blue ribbon. Got them for a party. I don’t want to to throw them out. May be good for an artist or quirky craft project. Pick up on E. 107th St. & Lexington Ave.

Please e-mail if interested and let me know when you can pick up. No phone numbers. Thanks!

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Freakcycle Headquarters is currently undergoing a makeover so stop your sobbing, it’s only been 3 days and we’ll be back online tomorrow with lots of Freecycle tomfoolery for you.

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