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  • Seen on Freecycle: “Needed: Car- as long as it isnt horribley hydeous.I am a college student tryin to vend for myself” Spell check anyone?- by SplashTheLab
  • there is someone on freecycle asking for a police scanner, opera glasses, and fast bicycle. Now, I’m not a detective, but…- by RediculusT
  • Annoyed at being suspended by freecycle w/out warning. I requested 2 items: clothespins & a glass jar. Mod said I was “greedy”- by TouchstoneZ
  • I know I would not get much for my MIL on eBay. So I’d like to put her on the free section of Craigslist. Or even on Freecycle.- by ItsJustDi
  • Two ghost freecycle posts in the past 5 minutes. No info given at all. Not sure if it’s a mistake or I’m supposed to be a mind reader.- by resident_hippie
  • Favourite Freecycle post today: “Wanted: frog spawn.” [Sounds like somebody’s up to no good. Building an amphibious army in time for summer]- by sarahbennetto
  • trying to get a mountain bike on #freecycle (not a pun)- by mauvedeity
  • On freecycle, there are 7 ‘taken’ listing for kids underwear. Each one says they’d been brought to charity shop but ‘failed to sell’. Eep.- by jeninher30s
  • Freecycle want just seen: Flatscreen TV, sitting room size – if you please?!- by daisydaisy66
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] Wanted: Old shoes in ANY condition, any size!
  • Actual Freecycle offer: “a couple of tons of slightly to quite moldy timothy hay.” Awesome, right?- by myelectricride

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I always root for the underdog.  Always have.  Always took pity on the runt of the litter, four-legged or otherwise. I rooted for the unpopular team, talked to the outcasts at lunchtime, cheered for the geekiest game show contestant, you get the idea. Here are some posts that pulled on my heartstrings.

  • WANTED: Unisex bicycle-i would like a bicycle that nobody wants.Can pick-up after May 4. send me an email or call xxxxxxxx@…1(xx7)80x-xxxx
  • OFFER: 1/2 standing fan- 1/2 standing fan 🙂 still works but the leg is broken.holmes brand. white electric fan. 3 speed. model: hasf1675. p/u only m – f, noon – 3.30pm. reply with day/time u can come.thanks
  • OFFER: Cute Girl’s Black Boots- size 2-Item: Girls, black, no-heel boots with two silver buckles, US size 2 1/2, very cute, in good condition.   Background: I walk through Central Park every day and for the last 3 days have seen these pair of boots sitting at the top of a hill that kids often sled down.  I guess somebody forgot them and finally picked them up today since at worst they would sit there for months and look ugly or at best they would go in the trash. This means that, while they are very cute and appear to be in good condition,they are WET. I am drying them out in my bathroom and will use for potting plants if nobody wants them. But they deserve better than that 🙂 Cheers.

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We’ve addressed Freecycle sob stories and the like in a past blog entry.  We’re still receiving more T.M.I. posts than we know what to do with which causes us to speculate…are these people Freecycling because of their concern for green living and landfill overuse, or is therapy just too expensive?   We here at Freakcycle embrace it because it’s just more kindling for our fire but remain incredulous at all the crazy we encounter from time to time and yes, sometimes it leaves us feeling a bit icky.

Mind-boggled and bewildered, we press on.  The second post, for example, makes us wonder if the person has eluded love not because of clutter but because they think that a top hat with bunny ears is awesome. Thoughts?

  • OFFER: Box of tampons-All OB tampons are sealed/ Multi pack. I hate to throw these out, but I can’t use tampons anymore. -Becky in Xxxxx Beach
  • OFFER: Various items today- Please help me dejunk my apartment, so I can make room for someone new in my life!  Please text, or call xxx 234 xx03 to reserve, and get details.- Packing materials:bag of packing peanuts, bag of soft tissue paper, bag of hard tissue paper, lots of air pouches that target uses to ship, two cat scratcher ramps that your cat can use to walk up to your sofa (my cat loved them), red cosmetic case, perfume samples, awesome foam Easter tophat with bunny ears, books, mostly novels, women’s clothes, women’s ballet flats, size 8, all white statue of Mary, prada sunglass case (just the case), ETC…
  • WANTED : Automatic door closer- “I wonder if anyone has one of these sitting around please? My bathroom is immediately opposite the front door, no-one (including me!) ever remembers to shut the door when they have finished and as a consequence the whole passing village gets an eyeful of my loo whenever the front door is open!  I am sure the village and not just me, would be very grateful! I can collect to suit you.”

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Freakcycle has a cuckoo kitty who chews the whiskers off of the other kitty. He does it surreptitiously, in the guise of grooming her but he knows it’s wrong.  Cheek whiskers, eyebrow whiskers-the other cat has none to speak of except stubby remnants, sort of like a 5 o’clock shadow in whisker form.  She crashes into walls from time to time and we’ve tried everything to dissuade this strange exchange but he continues…Kitty 1’s behavior is bizarre and unexplainable but 100% true to the rest of his character.  He is totally nuts but we love him and figure he is in the best company with us.  We complement each other, just like these two Freecycle posts do.

WANTED: heavy duty dog toys,chews,bones, etc – Holmdel

I have a foster dog staying at my home. He has been here 3 months. One
of his major issues was resource guarding..meaning he would be aggressive
with toys, bones, snacks, etc. I am happy to report I have cured him of that
problem! I can give him toys and put my hand near his mouth, etc. yay!
saved another one!

now my problem is whatever I give him he is destroying! He chews them
apart same day….I know some of you must have a “kong” lying around, or some
other such chewy toy/bone that your dog never touches..and I would love to
give it some good use rehabbing this foster boy.

anything he can chew would be appreciated!



It is a hard cover book, entitled How to Live with a Neurotic Dog,
written by Stephen Baker.

Reliable pick-ups only!!!

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  • Amazing what people ask for on freecycle. one guy asked for a car. think he’s pushing it there. that inflatable squirrel still available- by boredrigjockey
  • You might be neopagan if ….. you see an offer for “wolf collectors stuff” on freecycle and think “I know a lot of folks who’d like that”- by Fernwise
  • Love reading some of the requests folks near me make on freecycle – the most interesting today was for a female peacock.- by EcoMeg
  • This made us giggle on Freecycle: “Queen size inflatable bed – NOTE: PUNCTURED” Hehehe!- by kulatsurdiu
  • If you tell me a million reasons why you need/must have what i put on Freecycle, i’m moving on to the next person.- by Ryanne
  • Someone’s giving away kids! Heading on Freecycle: OFFERED: two little girls, size 3T skirts-Lower Hillside.- by alaskanimp
  • I love being on freecycle for the interesting shit ppl want 2give away. Lastest 1 Period Clothing! Lol turns out not girl period but vintage- by MaybeKatieP
  • Incredible : I’ve been asked out by a guy (whom I met under freecycle.org circumstances). I hadn’t happened to me in … 5 years, maybe 10 !- by lil_miss_parker
  • @kerryjeanpower I love Freecycle – until some arsey git demands you to deliver it forty miles away!!- by exmoorjane
  • Why are there always George Forman grills on freecycle? *suspicious*- by georginaterry

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Freakcycle ain’t all about the jokes you know.  OK, we are, but we do love all things earth-friendly and green.  Good Earth Day stuff happening here.  Props to Intuit and Freecycle for this idea.


In the spirit of Earth Day, we have some funny and cool Freecycle posts that have to do with Mother Earth.  Enjoy.

  • WANTED: DIRT- will travel-  Yes, I said “dirt” – – the dog has dug up the yard and we need to fill the holes up. Hopeing someone is putting in a pool or a foundation and you have a pile of dirt you are willing to let us take some of.  Thanks for looking!
  • WANTED: Top soil-  I m looking for anyone getting rid of top soil or any kind of clean dirt to grow grass. Willing to travel.
  • OFFER: Food waste usable as compost- Hey all – here’s a weird offer. Our house in Ridgewood has been keeping compostable food in a trash bin all winter. We have a trashcan full of the stuff. Really good decomposable stuff. But we’re moving in June, so we won’t be able to compost it as we had planned. Do you want all or part of a garbage can of organic food waste? Let us know! We’d love to pass it off.  Be well!
  • WANTED: Hi we found a small snake in our basement. We think it is an eastern worm snake – unfortunately, the ground is frozen so we wont be releasing him today. They eat worms, grubs, snails, slugs, and other soft bodied insects…(yeah we did and internet search to identify the snake, and find out what he eats so he doesn’t starve before we can find someone to care for him. We just left a message with my daughters science teacher asking if she will take it. ) But, in the mean time, we have no idea when he last ate….and would like to feed him. Do any of you happen to have any of the things he eats on hand??? ( yeah I know it is a weird request – LOL, but we can at least hope someone will be able to help out)
  • OFFER: Body Shop bath crystals-These are “Warm Amber” bath crystals. I got this as a gift a while back and it smells really great but hasn’t been used. I guess baths aren’t my thing.
  • OFFER: Man’s silk shirt-Last call before clothing bin – One small, but could fit a medium, 100% silk shirt. Wild design of snake print, tiger stripes, and panther spots (I’m not kidding).
  • WANTED: Full sized mannequin-Needed for an environmental-awareness sculpture project, so would greatly prefer to use a ‘recycled’ one if possible.
  • WANTED: Mugs- with birds, nature….please..:)

One of our readers sent us a funny Craigslist ad that we just had to post on this day of lovin’ mother nature.  Take a look:


Thanks to calittle for sending to us via Twitter

Be kind to the Earth and Freecycle your ass off.  We are also needing more material…hee,hoo.

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As promised, a veritable beggar’s banquet for you.  Check out these mooches.

WANTED: Loveseat and chair in excellent condition-Wanted Loveseat and Chair. Must be in excellent condition. Will pick up immediately.

WANTED: Samsung Juke cellphone- Hello everyone. As this is the time many people get new cell phones, I was wondering if anyone has an extra Juke laying around that they don’t want. I’d prefer it to not have scratches or marks, specifically on the front of it and keyboard part. Thanks so much!

Saved the best for last.  Think cars are not offered up on Freecycle?  They are, from time to time.  Yeah sure, people are always asking for cars but you are one damn lucky S.O.B. if you can actually score a working one on Freecycle.  Here is a submission sent to us recently by someone awesome enough to actually offer a car up.  This is the thanks he got.

I once had a car, a Vauxhall Astra, a fully functioning, but incredibly basic car.  I think it cost me £300 when I got it and the intention was to run in into the ground and get another later.  Though two years later it still did the job, it was never going to pull the ladies.  When we got offered a better car, for free, off of my parents I thought I’d pass the love on.  We’re not a rich family and the money would have been good, but my charity gene still got the best of me.
I offered the car on freecycle.  Needless to say we were more than deluged with people asking and many “can you drive it to me”, “Here is my mobile number, call me up” and one “I want the car and will collect it next week” as an opening pundit without a please, hello or thank you.  I narrowed it down to two very nice polite people.  One was honest enough to say he had no charity story, he just thought it would be a great gift for his daughter as she had just passed her test but really couldn’t afford to buy herself one.  Another seemed to have more of a greater need and said he had been struggling to get to jobs for his family, so I chose the latter.
When he turned up he walked up to the car so we could do the documents and I could hand over the keys.  However he started looking at the dints and scratchers and running his fingers over the panneling
“Didn’t you get these sorted?” he said
“God no, cars mean nothing to me, it still drove, I couldn’t care less how scratched it was”
Wiping his finger across the top he said “when was the last time it was washed?”
“When was the last time it rained?”  I replied
After kicking the wheels a bit and asking if had any work done to it he said
“The interior looks a little old”
“Yen” I said “That’s because it’s an old car” Then I had an epiphany “Let me show you this though, this is why I love the car”
I got in, started her up first time and drove it to the guy who wanted to give it to his daughter.  She loved it and cried, he gave me lots of firm grateful handshakes (and consequently eggs because he later invested in chickens) and I took the bus into my local town, visited my parents and returned home about 9pm.
I posted a very witty this has gone commenting on the first guy but never had a reply off of him again.

I know it was along the lines of:

HI there
Thanks for the interest in this.  The worse thing about posting a car is the was a fair few really nice people who had some manners and I only got to give one car away.
As of yesterday this car has been taken.  Taken from candidate number one who turned up to my house criticized everything asked for a full service history and maybe would have tried to bargain me down from free.  Like I said, it was taken from him a delivered to candidate number two, who said thanks (even if internally he might have been thinking, oh dear)

Turns out a little common courtesy did go long way.

Thanks to Paul for sharing this via our Submissions page.

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