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  • Dear #freecycle people: If you can’t spell wanted correctly, the only thing I want to give you is a dictionary #jussayin-ADDhousewife
  • Freecycle, also known as “take this shit off my porch please” cycle.- by Ryanne
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: broken dishes
  • LOL, someone is trying to get rid of a Betamax player on #freecycle. Dude, you waited too long.- by paperelle
  • Wannabe Freecycle member comment: “I’m interested in guns can I take a look at your group Please.” Sure, but you can’t ask for guns.- by alwen_lost-arts
  • #freecycle #Ikidyounot OFFER – fireguard for keeping children out of fire (Frome)- by snowballthrower

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If only Santiago had looked on Freecycle, he wouldn’t have had to work so hard for that marlin.

OFFER: Marlin taxidermy of real fish for restoration –I have two taxidermy mounts of real marlin fish.

One is 85 inches, the other is 63 inches long. Both are in need of extensive restoration (e.g., broken bill). I’ve restored several (its not that hard), but we are moving and I would like to take only the ones that are completed — so these two are available.

Picture at xxxxxxxxxst2.

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So many of the posts we feature here on Freakcycle are usually of the well-meaning, but farcical and bungling variety.  Poor so-and-so’s absurdly asking for the moon and only getting our scorn. We embrace you and profile you here each day but only in the most playful of ways because without you, we’d be a blog-tastrophe.

There are a few rotten apples in our midst though, who truly deserve a Freakcycle-style beatdown.  We reserve the right to out these ne’er-do-wells who submit a wanted post in the guise of helping someone or harmlessly putt-putting around with a hobby.  For shame you scoundrels, we got your 20 lashes right here.  Wish we could use a whip but you’ll have to settle for the tongue.

WANT: all working or not old or new washer stove ect-

hello to all it that time of the year that we all start cleaning out the old i am lookink for washer dryer stoves frigs old bath tubs ect what i do is fix and clean the stuff you give me and give it to family in need I MAKE NO MONEY OFF OF IT i give it to them free the same way i got it the stuff i can not fix will go to a scrap yard amoney from that gos to part that i will need to fix some of the stuff i will all so take all scrap matels thank you to all and the family we help thank you to

WANTED: gold a/o silver jewelery- looking for either or it doesn’t matter I am looking for silver or gold jewelery it can be broken I have a jewelery fixing kit and can repair looking for ankle bracelets, bracelets, rings, earings, necklaces, pins, broaches, basically any gold or silver jewelery

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If Freakcycle were to post a WANTED, without any repercussions from a self-righteous Freecycler, or threat from an annoying blogging watchdog like Freakcycle (we hate us!) the post would read a little something like this:

WANTED: Anything and everything I’ve ever been denied-  Here’s a short list Freecycle folks, in case you can help me out.  A Big Wheel ’cause I never had one as a child, size 8 quad roller skates with blue wheels in mint condition, a potter’s wheel with a year’s supply of clay, a horse (preferably an Arabian) to ride when the spirit moves me, a big plus if the the horse’s name is “Ghost Rider”, “Double Fantasy” (my fave John and Yoko album) or “Wind Runner”.  I’m also looking for an Atari 2600 (controllers included of course) with the games Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids, Pole Position, Breakout, Centipede, Galaxion, Mario Brothers , and Cookie Monster Crunch, a Saab 900 Turbo convertible with a leather interior (if you have one laying around), this huge collection of WWF Classic wrestlers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5ztLVzUIfU, and a fly swatter that yells “Die, sucker!”.  Thanks.

Ours is not nearly as bad as these two, right? Right?

WANTED: Anything for a Wedding
I am getting married in October and this is going to be a wedding that is very budget cautious. I am in need of just about everything at this point. Hoping to have Calla Lillies and the such to accent the wedding, bridesmaids dresses will hopefully be in a brown/chocolate/latte color. If you have just gotten married or have been married but have things that you would be willing to donate to a girl who would really appreciate it please consider sending me an email and helping me make my dream wedding come true. In need of everything!!

Thanks to Q for sending to us via SUBMISSIONS

WANTED: Babyshower stuff- im having a little boy and i need everything for the babyshower

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  • Oh @freecycle, I love you: “I have a dozen pair of panties size 10 high cut to give. Most of them are brand new.”- by ckilgore
  • Saw advert on Freecycle this morning: “Wanted: hair dryer for my wife”. Wonder how many emails he’ll get with “sounds like a fair exchange”- by dianthusmed
  • Trying to look at plymouth freecycle group – its like bloody fort knox- by Ddoodler
  • Yesterday, freecycle was hit with my crap. Today, craigslist was my crap victim.- by GrnAnthropology
  • Creeped out that #freecycle today had a listing for used but washed ziplock bags.- by MichellesCharmW

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Oh this treacherous shell that carries me from place to place deceives me.  The body is only a temporary dwelling, like a house.  But like any shelter, it eventually gives way to the years and the elements that beat upon it every day.

Still I look in the mirror and I see a fine wine.  The label is getting worn and it’s peeling around the edges and the cork’s a bit brittle, but contained within is an intoxicating and potent elixir.

That is my mantra as I check my reflection once again, moving my face right, then left, examining all the subtle angles and the almost imperceptible scar that runs most of the terrain on the left side of my face. The defective jaw and the crumbling vessel that is my body. Here’s another piece of the puzzle for you after waxing poetic for a spell.

My back is killing me because my mattress is too soft.  My bed frame is looking for a new occupant to house its current occupants as it delivers us into Morpheus’ embrace. Had to finish on a dramatic and pretentious note lest you think Freakcycle is getting all macabre and philosophical on you.

Is this the mattress of my dreams? You bet your sweet Edgar Allan Poe it is.

OFFER: Queen-sized mattress, left in the rain & wet. Would probably be fine if you left it to dry. Bring two people to pick up because it’s heavy.

Thanks to Happy Campers who sent us this post via SUBMISSIONS

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Old, peeling, tacky, filled with dirt, and weed ridden.  Did I pique your interest yet? Run to your computer and get your hands on these lovelies.  Freakcycle special in the garden center, aisle 5.

OFFER: Two planters made from old tires-I’m getting rid of two planters made from old tires, painted white with peeling paint. They are rather tacky, in my opinion, but if someone wants them, please save them from the landfill! You can have the dirt inside too, if you want it, although no guarantees on its quality. I think it might be weed ridden by now.

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