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Happy holidays from Freakcycle.

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I like pomp and circumstance, especially around the holidays.  As each year goes by, my collection of kitschy, tacky Christmas paraphernalia steadily increases, thanks in part to Freecycle.  This year, there were inumerable posts for fake Christmas trees, wreaths, and a bevy of wonderful ornaments, snowmen bowls, and of course, lots of requests for the tacky sweater.  I can assure you that no one is happier than us here at Freakcycle about the “Tacky Sweater Movement” taking hold.

I was floored years ago by the genius of Leslie and the Lys.  Girl can get down with that gem sweater.  In one song, she put into words something that I’ve felt in my heart for a very long time…that everyone should have sequined chests.  Everyone. Love her.

No disrespect to Leslie but the real Madonna of the Ugly Sweater is Jeanne Bice who has really tempered her tack-o-metry, much to my dismay. She is the QVC darling whose company Quacker Factory baked up the most delicious horrors that 70%cotton, 30% ramie, and a crapload of rhinestones can make when knitted up into a holiday treat for the body.  Sigh. We professed much Jeanne Bice love on a recent post. Blame Mad TV for her descent into blandness, not us.

Embrace the tacky and throw on a gem sweater, preferably one with a christmas elf on it.  I certainly will be making merry with one of these and swigging back an eggnog or two (one in each hand, maybe).

In the meantime, write a letter to dear old Jeanne instead of Santa and tell her we want the old Quacker Factory aesthetic back.  It truly was the gift that kept on giving.

WANTED: Tacky Woman’s X-mas Sweater– hi gang,
want to get a fun gift for my work secret santa, but have been striking out with
getting one online & the due date is nearing. if you happen to have a *women’s
large* or thereabouts, tacky holiday-themed sweater, that won’t get much play
this season, i’d gladly take it off your hands. thank you!

WANTED: Any type of ugly/tacky sweater/sweatshirt

Mon Dec 20, 2010

we are having a contest in school on Wednesday and I was hoping someone had one that they were trying to get rid of the worse it is the better

Thanks to Francine for sending this to us via SUBMISSIONS

WANTED: Ugly sweater–

Hi All,I have a friend who likes to throw themed birthday parties and this year the
theme is “Ugly Sweater”!!!! Lol  So if anyone has an ugly sweater that they want
to get rid of im your girl!!  I dont care if its mens or womans, i would need at
least a womans large. The uglier and bigger, the better i think!!  lol

Thank you for freecycling and I wish you a happy and healthy holiday!!

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  • Someone has just offered their Mother-in-Law on Freecycle. Am guessing theirs is not a home filled with festive cheer.- by DawnIsaac
  • Freecycle is not a place where you get to describe what you want and have someone provide it. That’s called a store.- therealberkie
  • Just picked up a litre of Jim Beam off Freecycle! (hic) also a 90 year old Enfield chiming clock in full working order. Chuffed!- by hinch100
  • Just got a response to a Freecycle post I made 2 YEARS AGO. Really?! Really.- by itchbay
  • Definition of an optimist: woman on Newham freecycle requesting a Le Crueset casserole dish.- by Azuraview

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Wow, this guy wins the Freakcycle prize for most succinct and to-the-point Freecycle request.  I’m getting a picture of a Tom Waits “What’s He Building?” , mysterious type of character.

Is it blog-worthy?  Yes it is, especially in light of our previous blog entry about how to get your Freecycle WANTED post to stand out.  This guy makes my mannequin post seem overly verbose.  Shame on me for wasting the valuable time of Freecyclers everywhere.

WANTED in Jxxxxxn: Hammer

wanted: hammer. thank you.

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The holidays bring out the best in folk, don’t they?

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Ever have one of those Lemonhead candies? So sweet, so sweet, tasty and delicious and then pow…sour.

You know what they say, “Without the sour, the sweet is not as sweet”.


OFFER: Handmade afghan brown/Indian-red (XXXXn Sq area)

This lovely, comforting afghan is about 40 years old and was hand knit
for me by my great-aunt. Why am I giving it away? 1) Its colors – brown
and Indian-red (a sort of orange-pinkish red, like a particularly bright
terra cotta) – clash with everything else in my apartment, and 2) I have
another one from her that has pride of place in the living room.

It’s about 60″x 50″ but it stretches so it’s difficult to measure
exactly. The pattern is jagged stripes (like Charlie Brown’s shirt) of
one color followed by the other.

I care very much who I give this afghan to, because it means something
special to me, so please tell me a little about yourself and why you’d
like the afghan in your reply.

I will respond to all requests, both the positive one and the negative
ones, by the evening of Tuesday Dec 14 at the earliest.

And finally, if you end up winning the afghan but flake out on me by
failing to show up when you say you will, as have far too many others on
this site, may you rot in hell.

And with that, Happy Holidays!

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  • Just saw someone offer “cat milk” on #Freecycle – I don’t think it’s actually what it sounds like it is #fb- by beardyman
  • Accidentally posted that last tweet on Freecycle. There’s a bloke outside with a big sack.- by tetsell
  • Funniest Freecycle of the Day: Karate training DVD, uniform and black belt. Guess the owner found out DVDs can’t teach you karate.- by elizaeffect

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