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Subject please help me get some furniture, able to refinish/fix up
Location rxxxxxxxr, xx

Hello, Without disclosing too much, i am going through a really ugly and sudden divorce. The man in which i was married to is hiding any assets that we acquired over the years. He has left me without a dime and even took the bedroom set. My 2 year old and i are now forced to move because he kindly put a stop payment on my rent check which all of my money went towards last month so i have now received an eviction notice. (You know any child and cat friendly places?) I have been looking different places to try to acquire my own things so hopefully my son and i can get back on our feet and rebuild our lives. However, as of now it feels a little bleak. Sorry for the ramble. If anyone has any bedroom set, frame, bureaus, dvd player (my son is losing it without non-stop toy story)end table (mainly bedroom stuff), couches or other household items that are not currently being used i would feel privledged to have them. It is extremely difficult to rebuild when you are in it alone and it is unexpected. Thank you very much for reading my post. If you do not have anything like this but feel the need to man bash, im your girl:) Thanks again, 

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WANTED: I am in need of any type of incontinence products you may have lying around that you don’t need or want.

Depends, Attends, Poise pads, any type of disposable undergarments or underpads. Cloth or disposable.

Will pick up almost anywhere in Mxxxxxx County.



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Image by purpleslog—p.s. click on this link for the back story on this drawing.  Hysterical.

WANTED: Hi, I am looking for a dancer pole,the kind that maybe attaches to a hook in the ceiling and can be descreetly packed away, to learn tricks and excercise on.

Thanks to Rebecca for sending via SUBMISSIONS.

You may think Freakcycle is in typical hater mode.  Here we go again, Freakcycle’s nyah-nya-nyah-ing on the silly Freecyclers again.  Wrong.

We are pole dancing fans.  We pole dance on the regular, quite sensually I might add and not just for exercise.  We want to state for the record that we’d sign the “Get Pole Dancing Accepted into the Olympics” petition quicker than you can stuff a bunch of Benjamins into our shorts.  We’re just delighted by the “stunt boys” pole dancing class. We are undoubtedly pro-pole. (stop it, you know what we mean.)

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Freakcycle is celebrating Waah Waah Week.  Grab a tissue and cry along with us.
  • WANTED: Verizon cell phone-  My father’s is in rehab and his cell phone broke. Does anyone have a old Verizon compatible phone with a working battery? Verizon will turn it on for him for a nominal charge.  I gave an old Verizon phone to a freecycler once, now it’s my turn!  Thanks
  • WANTED: Executive/computer chair-Leg broke on the one I have. Looking for a replacement ASAP. If you happen to have one spare, I could really use one since I also sleep in mine.(Cannot lie down due to severe acid reflux)  Thanks in advance  Joe
  • WANTED: washer and/or dryer- A friend of mine was just telling me that her washer died. So she went to the laundromat, brought the clothes home to dry them, and her dryer broke too now. She and her husband cannot find a job right now, and they really could use some help. Anyone have a washer/dryer they don’t need anymore that is still working? Thanks for reading.
  • WANTED: TV- ok so i have given away about 4 tv’s on freecycle over the past 2 years and now our family is in need ,hoping someone can help us .  Our cat broke our tv last night as it fell off the stand . please if you know of anyone having a tv they no longer need we would be appreciative and grateful . looking for a color 19 in .tv( not too old ). do not need a remote. due to space no larger than a 19in.thanks for looking , can p/u right away .have a nice day .
  • WANTED: Hi my name is sal and I’m in desperate need of a printer, I live on staten island, just got laid off and my printer broke while I was printing my ressume,can any one help out I would really appreciate it. Thank you everyone, my number is 3×7-xxx-xx26, have a great night

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Image by Wadzy

Submitted by Lisa Martin and I am reposting her whole experience in its entirety because it’s just so silly.  Think this person may have swiveled so much in his chair that his brains got dizzy.  We like Lisa’s response at the end.

Lisa Martin:  Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I thought I would return the favour and tell you about my recent Freakcycle experience (Evesham & Pershore Freecycle, UK)…

Ad (Fri 12th Feb 2010):

OFFER: Swivel wheeled office chair
Fully functional swivel office chair with arms. Upholstery needs minor attention. Rest of chair is excellent. Black frame, muted red and grey fabric.

LM: (Tues 16th Feb):
Hi I was wondering if the office chair is still available? I am going to start working from home and need to set up a home office. This would be a great start. My boyfriend can pick up tonight (Tuesday) or Thursday.
Thanks, Lisa :)

Freakcycler (Thurs 18th Feb):
Dear Lisa,
Pardon that I’ve not responded until now. A “moving-house” tornado has rather overtaken us, but at the last minute we decided to keep the office chair, and the shredder is gone. The truth is that I would strongly suggest that you get a cross-cut shredder. The strip- cut variety is not only rather insecure, but the actual strips are very bulky, and do not pack well at all.

Sorry for the delay in responding. We’ve moved into a house and BT has just told us it would cost over 10,000 pounds to get a phone connection!!! There are no connections remaining in the small village we are in, and we would need to pay to run a cable to the nearest exchange, 5 miles away. We’ve found an Internet Cafe about 6 miles away…. Ooops!


[Notes: I didn’t even mention the shredder – I guess he had another ad on Freecycle. Why is he giving me advice on shredders? Why is he telling me his life story? Why does he call himself “MidAtlantian”?!]

LM (Thurs 18th Feb):
Hi “MidAtlantian”,
Thank you for your very detailed response. I have now got another office chair from someone else on Freecycle, so it’s not a problem that you decided to keep yours. Enjoy swivelling on it.

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Image by *Tom*

We’ve addressed Freecycle sob stories and the like in a past blog entry.  We’re still receiving more T.M.I. posts than we know what to do with which causes us to speculate…are these people Freecycling because of their concern for green living and landfill overuse, or is therapy just too expensive?   We here at Freakcycle embrace it because it’s just more kindling for our fire but remain incredulous at all the crazy we encounter from time to time and yes, sometimes it leaves us feeling a bit icky.

Mind-boggled and bewildered, we press on.  The second post, for example, makes us wonder if the person has eluded love not because of clutter but because they think that a top hat with bunny ears is awesome. Thoughts?

  • OFFER: Box of tampons-All OB tampons are sealed/ Multi pack. I hate to throw these out, but I can’t use tampons anymore. -Becky in Xxxxx Beach
  • OFFER: Various items today- Please help me dejunk my apartment, so I can make room for someone new in my life!  Please text, or call xxx 234 xx03 to reserve, and get details.- Packing materials:bag of packing peanuts, bag of soft tissue paper, bag of hard tissue paper, lots of air pouches that target uses to ship, two cat scratcher ramps that your cat can use to walk up to your sofa (my cat loved them), red cosmetic case, perfume samples, awesome foam Easter tophat with bunny ears, books, mostly novels, women’s clothes, women’s ballet flats, size 8, all white statue of Mary, prada sunglass case (just the case), ETC…
  • WANTED : Automatic door closer- “I wonder if anyone has one of these sitting around please? My bathroom is immediately opposite the front door, no-one (including me!) ever remembers to shut the door when they have finished and as a consequence the whole passing village gets an eyeful of my loo whenever the front door is open!  I am sure the village and not just me, would be very grateful! I can collect to suit you.”

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