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I want, I want, I want.  I’ll tell you what Freakcycle wants.  More of you greedy Freecycle bastards.  Go balls out, y’all.  Shoot for the stars.  Ask for a Lamborghini Murcielago.  No.  An Aston Martin.  Ask for an Aston Martin, please.  I’ll be waiting patiently by my computer.

WANTED: Samsung Blackjack I,II or Blackberry 8310 – 5 Boros

Good Morning:

I know this is not a place to ask but I seen someone post an offer for a ipod touch, so I thought I would take my chances. my Razr v3 (ATT) is giving me issues, so I am wondering if any fellow freecyclers have a Blackjack 1 or 2, or a blackberry 8310 (with wifi) sitting in a drawer collecting dust or your not using anymore. I would be more than appreciative if you could help me on this.

WANTED: GPS system for my car- I am looking for a GPS system for my car I live in the Kxxxxburg area. Thank you

WANTED: I’m in need of a crib for a 18 month old little girl would prefer a 3-in-1 toddler crib-bed but will settle for a crib for now

WANTED: Above ground pool and trampoline-
Looking to get an above ground pool if anyone is getting rid of one also looking for a trampoline preferably with the safety net.

WANTED: Phil & Ted stroller- Trying to find a Phil & Ted Stroller that can be converted into a double stroller. The conversion kit doesn’t have to be included as long as the kit is still offered and available to purchase some other place.


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Freakcycle is sick.  Freakcycle is away from the Great Brain (our computer) and that makes us sad.  We will be in full working tip-top shape on Tuesday.  Stay tuned because we may just regroup and jump out of bed and surprise you.

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  • Seriously, Freecycle grifters. No one has a working G5 just “lying around”. Quit asking, you’re ruining the internet. -by petrajane
  • Turns out that listing evil child would violate ebay’s terms. Freecycle it is then. -by smileandnoduk
  • @billythekid I always chuckle when I see overly specific freecycle requests… really, go to a thrift shop if you’re shopping! -by alphabitch
  • Oooh. A piano on freecycle. Wish I had the room for it, and the power to lift heavy objects with my mind, and then fit them in hatchbacks.-by greythorne
  • Think I’ve just been freecycle-sharked. A flash dude in a Beemer cannot really need an old cd player. A tenner says he sells it on in a week by Stunt_Girl
  • The only benefit I get from the local freecycle list is amusement.-by resident_hippie
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] wanted: help moving beds to my apt
  • Freecycle – we’re giving you stuff for nothing. Not dismantling it. Cleaning it. Carrying it to your car. Providing you with a guarantee.-by davidsteven
  • freecycle post “A quantity of Flower Arranging impediments” -by purpledingles

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We don’t have to be just a blog, you know.  We can give the people what they want. Take these two posts for instance.  Should we arrange a pickup?

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WANTED:Greetings group,Children grow and it is time for my princess to have her own bed. Right now we have a Queen air mattress that has the dual sides. As soon as I am blessed with the mattress sets that I need, I will offer up what we have.

I would greatly appreciate sets that do not have any breaks in the frame or stains (such as from body fluids, people or animals) that I can not clean out completely.

If you have one size and not the other, that is okay. That brings me closer to what I need. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.



OFFER: I have a used decent mattress, has a juice stain on one side and I tried to clean it out but just made it bigger. Yikes.  Its pinkish so you know it isnt body fluid.
No funny smells….Non smoking home.– submitted by Pantera Rocks on our Fans of Freakcycle page.

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