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I didn’t think it would ever happen but it finally farkkin’ly has!  Freecycle is volleying one to their darker, stranger, and dare we say more interesting compadre Freakcycle.  Yes.

We’ve documented many petty jealousies, competitions, and grumblings about our world-recognized nemesis but one of their moderators is tossing us a biscuit…tiny, stale and a tad gnawed around the edges but thank you Freecycle all the same.  

All you Debbie Downers on Freecycle, quit your bellysniping about used catheters, tires, grandma’s old teeth and peculiar animal bits. Someone besides us wants them too.  

Hi everyone,

i’m sure many people had thoughts about used underwear, whether
privately or publicly. i’d like to ask that we move past this and
also ask that people report problems to the mods–there’s no need to
argue on the message board.

We are a large, diverse group in one of the world’s largest and most
diverse cities. We are united by our desire to see less waste in our
city, and our ability to maintain this gifting system relies on our
ability to be respectful towards one another.

With regard to what’s appropriate to post or not, we all have our
limits on what we’ll reuse. Every post about underwear reaps a
few “ewww” comments to the mods, but i’ve seen ’em on sale in thrift
stores and i know a lot of ladies on this list appreciate the bras
that are given away (they’re expensive)! In the same way one might
see a taxidermied animal as offensive while another sees it as a
kitschy stage prop, let’s understand that we all have needs and
limits. If you don’t want it, skip over it, but if it can be reused
and help someone out, is it for us to judge?

Yes, there are things that are inappropriate for this list–drugs,
adult movies, etc and the mods work to enforce those rules. But if
our goal is to reduce the enormity of Nxx Xxxx’s waste, let’s foster,
not stifle that mission.


(a moderator)


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