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I know your first instinct once you read this post is to laugh.  I must admit we had hearty giggle or two.  But let’s see this for what it really is.  It’s a cry for help. Freakcycle to the rescue.


I would like to have a parrot. Any size or color will do. I will love

it no matter what. Willing to exchange husband if necessary. He is

good at Playstation and couch warming. Squawks but is learning


Freakcycle’s gonna play matchmaker for a sec.  No, we aren’t going to find a parrot for this lady.  Parrots are a dime-a-dozen on Freecycle, probably because they live forever. Husbands are rarely offered, probably because they are rare and often delightful, right ladies?  She needs one of our “At Your Service” connections to remind her of that so we found a little bit of inspiration in the form of a plaque.

Dear lady, if you are reading this blog, take a moment and heed our advice.  These few and precious words will bring back all the reasons you married your sweet, little Playstation-playing couch potato.

OFFER: plaque-4 x 6″ gold-tone frame.  Calligraphy quote:

“How blessed I am … how blessed I’ve been … you’re not only my husband … you’re my best friend.”

Has some dried flowers inside the frame too. I still love my husband, it’s just the frame that doesn’t go anymore!

Please let me know when you’d like to pick up in your response.


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Image by Freakcycle

From a neighborhood in the DFW Metroplex:

WANTED: female peacock

Lonely male wanders the woods behind my house calling out. Day and night. The 2 females that used to be with him disappeared. If you have a female or two he would be most happy.

Thanks to EcoMeg who submitted via Twitter

Freakcycle says…lots of males would be happy with a female or two.

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image by Matt Hamm
  • T-shirt slogan for my life right now: “I Went On Freecycle.org For A Multi-Track Recorder But All I Could Find Was A F*#**$@#g Rat Cage’.-by natalie_shaw
  • To whom it concerns on #Freecycle/#Freegle everywhere: it’s chest of DRAWERS not chest of draws.-by dizzily
  • #freecycle “wanted – BOAT ANY CONDITION” … WE ARE SINKING -by roryok
  • #freecycle “Hi i know its a long shot but im just wondering has anyone a rifle scope there not using” long shot! Gettit? -by roryok
  • Honestly, it’s hysterical, some of the things you see on Freecycle beggar belief. “Offered – Artificial left leg” for example.-by doodledawne
  • My local Freecycle emails are a constant source of both joy and horror. Someone is asking for a “Complete Wii system with games” -by doodledawne
  • Gotta love @freecycle – my pick of the day: ‘Mannequin legs. One leg has a chip’. -by bean_mother
  • GREATEST freecycle post EVER! “Dryer lint (2grocery bags) please no phone numbers, just let me know when you want to pick up. Thanks.” LOL!
  • Some one is offering a smoke machine on freecycle. Why am I compelled to ask for it? -by mafiu
  • After brutha blows out the candles on his cake, Chris gets upset we’re lickin candles & tossing them, “I was gonna post those on Freecycle!” -by EKat
  • I am selling my husband on freecycle. For free. I think he’s overpriced. -by Mediamun

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