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WANTED: The BlackBerry Curve 8530 phone

Date: June 7, 2010 1:02:12 PM EDT

Hi. This is a long shot but looking for a BlackBerry Curve 8530 phone. I have the Storm & it is not working good & would like to switch to a Curve phone. Please email me!! Thank you!

Saw the post above and thought, hmmm, maybe we should save this one for our “Choosy Beggars” category and so I set it aside.  What makes this one worthy of that fine distinction is that they are asking for a specific and fairly new model BlackBerry.  Most Freecyclers with their feet firmly planted on terra firma a.k.a. reality will usually word their request as follows (these are all actual FC posts we saved):

  • WANTED: ATT cell phone- dog ate mine-UGH!!


  • WANTED: Sprint Cell Phone- Hello,I am in need of a Sprint cell phone.  My Blackberry fell off the sink into the, you got it, the toilet!!  I didnot have the insurance on it.  If anyone has a Sprint phone they are no longer using, please please, let me know.  I will put it to good use and never leave it in the bathroom again!!  Thanks for looking….

A bit dramatic yes, maybe even stretching the truth but like we’ve mentioned on Freakcycle before, sob stories work on us, the gullible Freecylers that we are.

Why did we post the time on that Curve phone request?  Because a couple of hours after posting their first WANTED, they came back with the one below.  A BlackBerry Storm is just as good as the Curve even when “it is not working good”, right? Solution…Bling blao…bling it out.

WANTED:Rhinestone/any cool blackberry storm 9530 phone covers. :

Date: June 7, 2010 3:20:56 PM EDT

Hi I’m looking for a rhinestone phone cover for my Blackberry Storm. If u have any other cool storm phone covers that will be good too. Email me please! Thanks!

Brilliant (not a pun).


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