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As promised, a veritable beggar’s banquet for you.  Check out these mooches.

WANTED: Loveseat and chair in excellent condition-Wanted Loveseat and Chair. Must be in excellent condition. Will pick up immediately.

WANTED: Samsung Juke cellphone- Hello everyone. As this is the time many people get new cell phones, I was wondering if anyone has an extra Juke laying around that they don’t want. I’d prefer it to not have scratches or marks, specifically on the front of it and keyboard part. Thanks so much!

Saved the best for last.  Think cars are not offered up on Freecycle?  They are, from time to time.  Yeah sure, people are always asking for cars but you are one damn lucky S.O.B. if you can actually score a working one on Freecycle.  Here is a submission sent to us recently by someone awesome enough to actually offer a car up.  This is the thanks he got.

I once had a car, a Vauxhall Astra, a fully functioning, but incredibly basic car.  I think it cost me £300 when I got it and the intention was to run in into the ground and get another later.  Though two years later it still did the job, it was never going to pull the ladies.  When we got offered a better car, for free, off of my parents I thought I’d pass the love on.  We’re not a rich family and the money would have been good, but my charity gene still got the best of me.
I offered the car on freecycle.  Needless to say we were more than deluged with people asking and many “can you drive it to me”, “Here is my mobile number, call me up” and one “I want the car and will collect it next week” as an opening pundit without a please, hello or thank you.  I narrowed it down to two very nice polite people.  One was honest enough to say he had no charity story, he just thought it would be a great gift for his daughter as she had just passed her test but really couldn’t afford to buy herself one.  Another seemed to have more of a greater need and said he had been struggling to get to jobs for his family, so I chose the latter.
When he turned up he walked up to the car so we could do the documents and I could hand over the keys.  However he started looking at the dints and scratchers and running his fingers over the panneling
“Didn’t you get these sorted?” he said
“God no, cars mean nothing to me, it still drove, I couldn’t care less how scratched it was”
Wiping his finger across the top he said “when was the last time it was washed?”
“When was the last time it rained?”  I replied
After kicking the wheels a bit and asking if had any work done to it he said
“The interior looks a little old”
“Yen” I said “That’s because it’s an old car” Then I had an epiphany “Let me show you this though, this is why I love the car”
I got in, started her up first time and drove it to the guy who wanted to give it to his daughter.  She loved it and cried, he gave me lots of firm grateful handshakes (and consequently eggs because he later invested in chickens) and I took the bus into my local town, visited my parents and returned home about 9pm.
I posted a very witty this has gone commenting on the first guy but never had a reply off of him again.

I know it was along the lines of:

HI there
Thanks for the interest in this.  The worse thing about posting a car is the was a fair few really nice people who had some manners and I only got to give one car away.
As of yesterday this car has been taken.  Taken from candidate number one who turned up to my house criticized everything asked for a full service history and maybe would have tried to bargain me down from free.  Like I said, it was taken from him a delivered to candidate number two, who said thanks (even if internally he might have been thinking, oh dear)

Turns out a little common courtesy did go long way.

Thanks to Paul for sharing this via our Submissions page.

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Freecycle’s mission is simple.  Recycling and re-purposing by putting stuff in other people’s hands to keep it out of the landfills and give said objects another life.  We here at Freakcycle are approaching our one-year anniversary.  We remain steadfast in our mission to find the strangest and/or most bizarre posts we can in the Freecycle Network.

We are amazed to report officially, that the greed has outnumbered the kook and that our Choosy Beggars category is filled to capacity.  If we were Twitter, you’d see the whale.  Dime a dozen, these lurkers and opportunists on Freecycle who in lieu of asking for something, go way above and beyond in their efforts to annoy the crap out of us by being greedy, picky, nit-picky bastards.

Hang in there for a moment and picture this scenario…not only are we humble do-gooders expected to add to the Freecycle horn of plenty, we become photographers, loan officers, and delivery personnel. What a wonderful life.

As one of our Fans of Freakcycle put it…It’s Freecycle people, not Dear Santa!

As we mentioned, our cup overfloweth. (Is that a word?  The Great Brain says no, but it stays) This is Part 1.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Here are a few submissions which have left us with our jaws hanging open.

WANTED: See List –
looking for patio furniture with umbrella, outside glider,bigger size
charcoal grill,2 mens mountain bikes,or one womans,one mans,size 5
womans pants long, or capris,summer clothes,macrama or any kind of
hanging plant holders to hang plants in window, recliner,outside lawn
decorations,working laptop.Thank You.

WANTED: Night Stand / End Table-
I’m looking for a night stand or end table for my daughter’s room. It would have to be real wood so I can
paint it to match the rest of her room. No particle board please?
That’s what hers was and I’ve decided I’m done with particle board
furniture! 🙂
If possible could you send pics of what you have?            Thanks to Suzanne for submitting via FOF.

WANTED: My husband recently lost his job and does not qualify for
unemployment, We have very little income with one person working, and
6 children to support.

We were behind in our rent 530 dollars but got it caught up by 230 now
we owe 300, I talked to my landlord to see if I can make a payment
arrangement, But that isnt allowed, So here I am, Trying not to look
like a begger, Asking for anyone to help us!! Please if anyone out
there can help we will be forever grateful!!

We rent our apartment in lewiston maine through a property management
company, If anyone can grant our wish you can either send a money
order directly to me, Or a money order or check directly to my landlord!!

Thank you all so much!!!

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays God Bless

I wanted to update and let everyone know, I have contacted all the
churches and agencies everywhere in my area, and apparently the
funding isnt there, So im praying and hoping my family can find a hero
or heroes to help us!!

Landlords Information:
Make checks or Money orders to:
Thanks to Laura for submitting via our Submissions page.

WANTED: Boxes for moving-My fiance and I are moving out of the great capital area and back down state. If anyone has any boxes they can spare for us, I’d appreciate it. I would say this is more of a need then a want. We’ve got to be out this saturday. Right now my fiance is working and he has the only running vehicle. So i would kindly ask if you can bring the boxes here. I’m in ***** off Central ave near the ***** plaza. And also… I’m pregnant and can’t do heavly lifting, since we’ve only been in the area a few short months, we don’t know anyone. So if we could get 2 people to help load a u-haul saturday… It would only take 2 MAYBE 3 hours tops out of your day we’d greatly appreciate it. I know it’s asking alot all at once. But we have to be out by this saturday night. Thank you in advanced. Please email me and I can give you more info.”

and here is Dove-Tail Doris (as we’ve affectionally named her) again:

WANTED: Need double dresser or smaller for me, mens dresser or armour, two side tables, queen bed not necesary but nice,
would appreciate med. or light wood in decent shape with dove tail drawers, I have a decent set but its tooo tooo big, will freecycle if I get a replacement.
Thanks for the consideration, I realize its a tall order.
thanks again.

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Some more funny moms on Freecycle and one dad…

Considering a funny relatives category.  Send us your finds and we may just have enough to merit a weekly Funky Family Member entry every week.

OFFER: Care One animal shapes chewable vitamins + iron, only the purple flavored vitamins are left because I don’t like them ;o)

OFFER: More Barbie stuff-Wow, I never realized what a good life Barbie had when she lived here. I moved a few boxes in the attic and found:

  • A yellow Barbie Corvette
  • A bedroom /living room set that has a bed & Mattress, headboard, end tables, plus a couch , coffee table 2 chairs and assorted pillows, all just a little dusty but in great shape

Plus—-What I think is a box of 2 different set pieces

  • Barbie Beauty Salon and an ice cream shop, but I no longer have the patience to separate them and try to figure out what pieces go with which set, so winner takes all..

Easy porch pick up.  Not recommended for homes with very small children, you know how Barbie things are, there are a million little hairdryers and ice cream cones with the sets.

This is a dad but he’s funny too.

WANTED: Junk bikes  hey, next summer i am going to have a bike fix up and sell bikes. My son need more bikes to have the bike he have now are my and his bikes. So if you have bikes that your throwing out anytype of bike that you are throwing out please send me a message.  thank you, have a good life.

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