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Not for the mouth and very long stainless steel stem.  I will stop right there with my commentary.

OFFER: Digital thermometer not for mouth -This is a Trutemp by Taylor Digital Thermometer. It is very long stainleess steel stem with a pocket case. Accurate from -40 degrees to 302 degrees F.


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We’re expanding our previous posting, “Not a Germophobe?” and giving it its own category here at Freakcycle because, well, because some people just don’t have a line to be crossed.  No boundaries, no personal space, and dare I say…no common sense.  These are the “toothbrush sharers”, “chewing gum (used, of course) givers”, “underwear borrowers”, I can go on and on.  Don’t we all have one of these special people in our life?   We should all be so lucky.

Hi. I have cherrios cereal 3boxes, 1 is unopened, other 2 are open, please pick between 9am to 1pm,if any body needs it pl,tell me day&time,thanks
Thanks Mel, for sending this in!

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