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  • ok #freecycle people — driving across town for 2 used sippy cups is not “green”. You can #recycle those, now! Do that. #sheesh- by jesuismoi
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: jazz pants
  • I’d just like to state for the record that Freecycle is magical. People will take ANYTHING as long as it’s free.- by MetalMo
  • Gotta love Mattoon’s Freecycle Yahoo Group. Someone is wanting to give away a Horse. #fb- by EvanCourtney
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: Chicken Manure
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] TAKEN: Old charcoal
  • Really doesn’t want to Freecycle her computer desk to someone who types entirely in capitals – is that wrong of me? ;)- by cybermule


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OFFER: I got this large size dogloo–a dog house that looks like an igloo–to house some small goats that I intended to get. Instead I got another horse, so no room for the planned goats. Girlfriend says the dogloo has got to go. It is in good condition but could use a wash.

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