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This is along the lines of the broken life vest, but not life-threatening.  Unless the kid gets pneumonia.

I’m beginning to think we need a category for people who are well-meaning but completely unaware that their offer is viewed by 94% of Freecyclers as plain old trash-worthy.

What should we call that category?  Submit a name to us and if we use it, we’ll send you this snowsuit, or maybe the vest, or perhaps a kayak with a hole in it?  We’ll surprise you.

OFFER: Lt Blue Head-to-toe snowsuit sz 6mo-MISSING ZIPPER –Hi, I have an ice-blue snowsuit for a 6 mo old, including attached booties and mittens, as well as a hood. The full-length zipper broke a while ago and I tried to keep using the snowsuit by sewing in hook/clasps every 3inches along the length instead. I would say it didn’t work that well. Whoever takes this should replace the zipper.

It has been used by both of my kids, but at this age, they cannot walk or move much, so it’s in good condition with some discoloration. Probably nothing a good
wash wouldn’t fix.

Fancy French designer — a gift from my mom: Jxxn Bxxxxxt.

Available mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm at my office: xxx St at Mxxxxxxl


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WANTED: Dear Freecycle friends, I need someone very special. I am trying to get moved out of my house by Christmas and don’t really want to take the time to sort and post and describe all the things I need to give away.

So, what I am looking for is someone who will come to my house every other day or so and take what I’ve put out. Some stuff will be great and others so-so.

There is a specific place on my porch where I put things and you could just come and get it at your convenience, but it needs to be no less than every 2 days. You can call or text to make sure something is there before you come, if you’d like, but I need the commitment to take EVERYTHING and not sort through it on my porch.

It has to GO! What you do with it after that is up to you – sell it, Freecycle it, trash it, I DON’T CARE, it just has to be gone from my house (and I hate throwing usable stuff away).

Who is willing to make that commitment?

Thanks to GW for sending this post via SUBMISSIONS

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Now, now, now.  Don’t cause a Black Friday-at-the-Old-Navy-type-stampede for this one.  You know the Freecycle drill…send a very nice email politely requesting the item and pray to all the saints for your chance to own these bad boys.

OFFER: I have a worn-out club chair with an ottoman up for grabs. The fabric is a
dark pattern. The chair is not in good shape–the fabric is wearing thin in
places, two of the big springs in the seat are broken so you sink back when
you sit, there’s dog hair on it, and it smells like a dog has been sleeping
in it. But if you need a junky chair, this is the one for you!

Thank you to Happy Campers for sending this one to us via SUBMISSIONS.

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Image by arimoore

So many of the posts we feature here on Freakcycle are usually of the well-meaning, but farcical and bungling variety.  Poor so-and-so’s absurdly asking for the moon and only getting our scorn. We embrace you and profile you here each day but only in the most playful of ways because without you, we’d be a blog-tastrophe.

There are a few rotten apples in our midst though, who truly deserve a Freakcycle-style beatdown.  We reserve the right to out these ne’er-do-wells who submit a wanted post in the guise of helping someone or harmlessly putt-putting around with a hobby.  For shame you scoundrels, we got your 20 lashes right here.  Wish we could use a whip but you’ll have to settle for the tongue.

WANT: all working or not old or new washer stove ect-

hello to all it that time of the year that we all start cleaning out the old i am lookink for washer dryer stoves frigs old bath tubs ect what i do is fix and clean the stuff you give me and give it to family in need I MAKE NO MONEY OFF OF IT i give it to them free the same way i got it the stuff i can not fix will go to a scrap yard amoney from that gos to part that i will need to fix some of the stuff i will all so take all scrap matels thank you to all and the family we help thank you to

WANTED: gold a/o silver jewelery- looking for either or it doesn’t matter I am looking for silver or gold jewelery it can be broken I have a jewelery fixing kit and can repair looking for ankle bracelets, bracelets, rings, earings, necklaces, pins, broaches, basically any gold or silver jewelery

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image by fatcontroller

Someone tweeted about this post and I got to thinking…my backyard looks like the set of Sanford and Son.  No brambles but plenty of tasty junk.   I think I could use a goat too.

WANTED: Loan Of Goat- rather a strange want but I wondered if anyone has a goat I could borrow to eat lots of brambles.  I have heard that they are very good at that.  I would look after it carefully of course and follow instructions for its care.

Thanks to Gingerbeardman

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