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Oh this treacherous shell that carries me from place to place deceives me.  The body is only a temporary dwelling, like a house.  But like any shelter, it eventually gives way to the years and the elements that beat upon it every day.

Still I look in the mirror and I see a fine wine.  The label is getting worn and it’s peeling around the edges and the cork’s a bit brittle, but contained within is an intoxicating and potent elixir.

That is my mantra as I check my reflection once again, moving my face right, then left, examining all the subtle angles and the almost imperceptible scar that runs most of the terrain on the left side of my face. The defective jaw and the crumbling vessel that is my body. Here’s another piece of the puzzle for you after waxing poetic for a spell.

My back is killing me because my mattress is too soft.  My bed frame is looking for a new occupant to house its current occupants as it delivers us into Morpheus’ embrace. Had to finish on a dramatic and pretentious note lest you think Freakcycle is getting all macabre and philosophical on you.

Is this the mattress of my dreams? You bet your sweet Edgar Allan Poe it is.

OFFER: Queen-sized mattress, left in the rain & wet. Would probably be fine if you left it to dry. Bring two people to pick up because it’s heavy.

Thanks to Happy Campers who sent us this post via SUBMISSIONS

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We don’t have to be just a blog, you know.  We can give the people what they want. Take these two posts for instance.  Should we arrange a pickup?

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WANTED:Greetings group,Children grow and it is time for my princess to have her own bed. Right now we have a Queen air mattress that has the dual sides. As soon as I am blessed with the mattress sets that I need, I will offer up what we have.

I would greatly appreciate sets that do not have any breaks in the frame or stains (such as from body fluids, people or animals) that I can not clean out completely.

If you have one size and not the other, that is okay. That brings me closer to what I need. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.



OFFER: I have a used decent mattress, has a juice stain on one side and I tried to clean it out but just made it bigger. Yikes.  Its pinkish so you know it isnt body fluid.
No funny smells….Non smoking home.– submitted by Pantera Rocks on our Fans of Freakcycle page.

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  • If I could figure out how to freecycle two full-sized mattresses covered in tomcat spray and abcess ooze, I would. XD;; by charnigans
  • Anyone want 2 awful-looking old speakers in questionable but functional condition? A weird connector type I’ve never seen. #freecycle #fail by ClintJCL
  • Bizarre Freecycle Offer: “Infant Hangers”. I think I know what this is, but could it possibly be a convenient way to store your infants? by rianmiller
  • Someone’s in my area is offering “bags of women and some men clothing” on Freecycle. That cannot possibly be legal. by gypsychk
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] Taken: Crutches for fractured foot by Missoula FC
  • cheapass fake Ray-Bans: free to a good home in London #freecycle #london #nofb by prehensile
  • Freecycle-lols: Partially-consumed tin of caramel popcorn. “Please save me…come and get this now” by elizaeffect
  • Post from a freecycle site..”OFFERED: shredded coconut. Open bag been in the fridge over a year” umm…no thank you! by Jeseegirl

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I’ve been on a self-imposed vacation this past week but I’ve been bone-tired and kind of cranky.  Of course, this is the week all the freaks come out.  So here you go.  But please, tell me…are these posts annoying or is it just me?

  • greetings freecyclers! !!
    i am looking for a futon mattress super clean it is gonna be my as well as my sons bed ( if you could drop off would be great have very small car.  also stud type earring dont have to have backs just small studs
  • I am looking for a stackable washer/dryer.. In decent working condition.. Also a Golf Bag Cart… Thanks
  • I know these are wish lists and perfume is considered a luxury these days
    with money going to necessities.
    If anyone has any Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds that they don’t like or want, partial or full, I would like this for my mother in law
    For me if anyone has any Estee Lauder Beautiful regular or sheer, or White
    Linen that they don’t want or use, I would love to take off your hands.
    Willing to try other fragrances but these are what I can tolerate so far
    without getting a headache…LOL.

I think I’m just cranky.

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