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We get all sorts of comments…all the time.  We like to find a niche for all of them if we can and so we unveil our “Mod Pod” page.  It is a repository for all things related to the people who moderate the Freecycle boards around the planet.  Most of what we receive are complaints about the mods but we know there are some rather awesome mods out there as well.

Moderating is a tough job, dear readers…making sense of and keeping track of all those incoming and outgoing emails while trying to stay within the Freecycle rules and regulations ain’t no piece of cake.  Freakcycle knows this pain well. For the love of our blog, we view about 400 posts a day and some days we wanna die of boredom when we don’t get any standout posts.  These poor souls have to deal with ALL of the business, not just the fun stuff, like we do.  Shout out to the moderator denominator!!!!

Anyways, take a moment to see the new page and offer suggestions if you’d like but be sure to do it in the comments section on that page.  Enjoy.


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