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Freakcycle has a Facebook page and so does the Freecycle Network.  Freakcycle’s got 34 fans and the Freecyle Network has 21,957 fans.  Needless to say, we have a bit of catching up to do.

Are they funnier than us?  Maybe not.   But they are do-gooders and we like that. We are make-fun-of-ers and do they like that?  We dunno, but we like it.  What we do share is a love for recycling and a good laugh from time to time.

Two things you need to do.  Check out their Freecycle Funnies section because well, there’s some silly stuff on there and we picked out three of the standouts to share and while you’re on there, fan us up on Facebook because we need some help bringing our numbers up. We’re taking you on, big ol’ Freecycle Network with your 21,957 fans…watch your back!

  • WANTED: MEAN Baby Sitter–I am looking for a MEAN Baby Sitter–For Ungrateful 16y/o (boy), 8y/o (boy) and 5y/o (girl)… See More–Needed Mondays in my home from 3pm to 6pm.–Please Email Fed Up MOM ASAP for more information.–This Is Not a Joke…I’ll Pay for your time.–Fed Up Mom Sharon– posted by Paula who said the post was later removed.- on Freecycle Funnies
  • Available for immediate pick up. One king size New Years Eve hangover in like new condition – tender, shiny and brite. Works great with lots of life left in it! This is very large and heavy, you will need 2-3 people and a full size pick up truck or large SUV to move it. I will not be able to help you due to a recent Tequila injury. Please state day and time in your reply as preference will be given to the earliest pick up. Please come to the side door and knock quietly. Previous no shows need not reply!  Happy New Year! 🙂 posted by Gail C. on Freecycle Funnnies- Facebook
  • OFFER: Attitude–My 14 year old has an attitude that I would love to get rid of. If you want it, I will bag it, box it and be happy to get rid of it. Also comes with eye rolling, door slamming, stomping and an almost new extra set that my 12 year old needs to get rid of. Thank you.– posted by Crystal on Freecyle Funnies——–Moderators Note: I know this isn’t a legit Freecycle Post, but it was so cute I thought you might get a good chuckle from it…if you like this offer, I have an 11 yr old one to go with these two, lol.


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I’ve always been nosy.  Not in an obvious way.  I’m all super James Bond 007 styley, sitting in a cafe, my face behind a book but all the while taking in every word you say while you’re eating your banana muffin and arguing with your girlfriend.  I always want to know more, but I never show it, even if I’m dying inside.

Freecycle has afforded me a tiny luxury…I get hundreds of tidbits every day, snippets of people’s negotiations.  They post their unwanteds and ask for the things they yearn to have or absolutely think they need.

Some of these posts intrigue me but I want the back stories.  I decided to share some of them and if you like these and want me to post more, let me know.

  • Wanted tongue depressor for a church project. Can pick up in Holmdel and surrounding areas. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Ride on Butterscotch, doesn’t walk but eats carrots and whinnies. Poor Butterscotch is missing his ear and his tail, could possibly be fixed!Let me know when you can pick up. Mary

  • Hi – I am looking for a 3 wheeler adult bicycle for my in-laws to ride for exercise when they come up for a visit in a couple of weeks. They are in their 70’s and their balance isn’t so good. If you have one and don’t want to part with it permanently, would like to borrow if you would consider that. Would promise to give it back in the same or better shape. Thanks for looking. Robin

  • Found this on our lawn – good tire with good tread remaining.Probably fell off of someone’s SUV while driving by – we notified the Holmdel Police Department and no one claimed it so they told us we could do whatever – now I just want it out of the way.If you need/want please just let me know!Thx Kim

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