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OFFER: 2 lawn ornaments that seem to me to look like 32″ TVs. Been on the curb at the foot of my neighbor’s driveway for 3 months now…just…sitting…there.
Free to a loving family. A great addition to any hillbilly yard or home! Feel free to come by and just look as well.

Thanks to Jaimee for submitting via Fans of Freakcycle on facebook.


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Freakcycle is celebrating Waah Waah Week.  Grab a tissue and cry along with us.
  • WANTED: Verizon cell phone-  My father’s is in rehab and his cell phone broke. Does anyone have a old Verizon compatible phone with a working battery? Verizon will turn it on for him for a nominal charge.  I gave an old Verizon phone to a freecycler once, now it’s my turn!  Thanks
  • WANTED: Executive/computer chair-Leg broke on the one I have. Looking for a replacement ASAP. If you happen to have one spare, I could really use one since I also sleep in mine.(Cannot lie down due to severe acid reflux)  Thanks in advance  Joe
  • WANTED: washer and/or dryer- A friend of mine was just telling me that her washer died. So she went to the laundromat, brought the clothes home to dry them, and her dryer broke too now. She and her husband cannot find a job right now, and they really could use some help. Anyone have a washer/dryer they don’t need anymore that is still working? Thanks for reading.
  • WANTED: TV- ok so i have given away about 4 tv’s on freecycle over the past 2 years and now our family is in need ,hoping someone can help us .  Our cat broke our tv last night as it fell off the stand . please if you know of anyone having a tv they no longer need we would be appreciative and grateful . looking for a color 19 in .tv( not too old ). do not need a remote. due to space no larger than a 19in.thanks for looking , can p/u right away .have a nice day .
  • WANTED: Hi my name is sal and I’m in desperate need of a printer, I live on staten island, just got laid off and my printer broke while I was printing my ressume,can any one help out I would really appreciate it. Thank you everyone, my number is 3×7-xxx-xx26, have a great night

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Image by chopp3rs

Freakcycle’s full of bite today.  We’re pissy and cranky and the grabbyhands are gonna get the short end of the stick.

GREEDO #1WANTED: 50″ LCD T.V (Stockton-on-tees)

I am looking for a 50″ LCD. T.V must be new and working prefrably with a sky+ H.D box.

FREAKCYCLE– Must be new and working.  Hmmm.  How about you get to working since you want that burger with all the fixins?  Here’s what you get on Freecycle. Grandma’s 27″ tube TV or an older Sylvania 13″ TV/VCR combo with remote (the VCR part does NOT work), and if you’re super lucky  and the gods are smiling down on you, then a small Hitachi LCD with a cracked screen.

Thanks to Sophia for sending this to us via SUBMISSIONS

GREEDO #2WANTED: sunfish sailboat w/trailer if possible
I’m looking for a light, recreational sailboat to sail the ocean bay with! I’ve been looking for a boat for months.

FREAKCYCLEI’m looking for a light, aluminum bat to knock some sense into you. I’d like to drink Coronas on the deck of some recreational something or other in the middle of the South Pacific but if you’ve been looking for months, did you think it would magically appear like a pod of dolphins swimming alongside said sailboat?  The dolphins would of course (since we’re dreaming in Technicolor) lead you to the bevy of beautiful mermaids who’ve been alone on a desert island just waiting for you to drop by on your Freecycled craft and ravish them.

Thanks to Q for sending this to us via SUBMISSIONS

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Image by Stefan

OFFER: Over 50 WWF/WWE mid-90s action figures-Two shopping bags full of WWE-WWF WCW and ECW action figures from the mid-90s,

by Jakks and Bend ’ems. Includes Ricky Steamboat, 123 Kid, Bushwackers, Roddy

Piper, Adam Bomb, Diesel, Shawn Mchaels, Macho Man Randy Savage, Razor Ramon,

Goldust, Marlena, Davey Boy Smith, Marc Mero, Sable, Blackjacks, Goldust, Luna

Vachon, X-Paq, Chyna (pre op), Dude Love, Mick Foley, Mankind, Steve Austin, Jim

Cornette, Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, Flash Funk, Head Bangers, more.

All are out of their cards/blister packs. Sat on shelf for display, not played

with. Pick up from my Washington Heights apartment all day Sunday or evenings

this week.

Oh, the memories…If these were 80’s WWF figures, I would have dropped everything, run to my computer and begged like a dog to be chosen, just as I begged for the quad roller skates with the pom poms about six months ago.  I didn’t get them, by the way.  Still a bit miffed about it.

I remember jumping out of bed early Saturday mornings when I was a kid and parking myself on the sofa with my mom to watch “Superstars of Wrestling”.  We were sleepy and bed-headed but excited about the hour-long sideshow that was WWF.  Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, King Kong Bundy, The Hart Foundation, Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, The British Bulldogs, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Koko B Ware, Mr. T, Brett Hart, I could go on and on…sigh.

Before all you dream stompers come out of the woodwork and start calling foul, I say sticks and stones may break bones (sometimes a chair or two over the head) but words like “it’s fake” will never hurt me.  I will even go on the record that I once attended a Wrestlemania event.  Thanks Tru for that awesome birthday gift.  I was a WWF junkie and there ain’t no shame in my game.  I had an early appreciation for true over-the-top quality TV programming.  Listen up and learn, young ‘uns.  “Glee” ain’t nothing new to me.

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