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You’re gonna have to get past us if you want that Conair brush.  We’ll fight you tooth and nail.  Then we’ll give you the tooth and nail as souvenirs.

OFFER: Lipstick lot—Pick up from doorman building. Must take all. Sephora 251b, a dark plumb gloss, Sephora 9y2l, a brown wine gloss, Lancome rouge attraction lipstick mystic, L’oreal raisin berrt colorstay lipstick. Great lipsticks and can be cleaned with alcohol prior to use.  Person who can pick up soonest gets priority.

OFFER: Creamy Baby Oil/Dry Shampoo/Brush —I have an almost full container of creamy baby oil. The brand is angel of mine and it came from the dollar store.I also have an almost full bottle of Tresemme fresh start dry shampoo. This did not work for me-maybe someone else has already tried it and likes it?

I also have a large round Conair brush that I never use anymore. It will need to be cleaned up because it has dust on it and some hair. This is 7 or 8 inches around and has a metal base with plastic bristles. Its a good brush if you feel like cleaning it up:) It was only used a few times.  Thanks to Laura who sent to us via SUBMISSIONS.

OFFER: various toiletries (please read)  I have a variety of toiletries that I do not use.  Thought maybe someone could use what they want, and freecycle the rest. In the box there is hair gel, hair straightener, hair curling cream, lotion, perfume, and nail polish.  THere may be some more in there, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Thanks.


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