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As promised, a veritable beggar’s banquet for you.  Check out these mooches.

WANTED: Loveseat and chair in excellent condition-Wanted Loveseat and Chair. Must be in excellent condition. Will pick up immediately.

WANTED: Samsung Juke cellphone- Hello everyone. As this is the time many people get new cell phones, I was wondering if anyone has an extra Juke laying around that they don’t want. I’d prefer it to not have scratches or marks, specifically on the front of it and keyboard part. Thanks so much!

Saved the best for last.  Think cars are not offered up on Freecycle?  They are, from time to time.  Yeah sure, people are always asking for cars but you are one damn lucky S.O.B. if you can actually score a working one on Freecycle.  Here is a submission sent to us recently by someone awesome enough to actually offer a car up.  This is the thanks he got.

I once had a car, a Vauxhall Astra, a fully functioning, but incredibly basic car.  I think it cost me £300 when I got it and the intention was to run in into the ground and get another later.  Though two years later it still did the job, it was never going to pull the ladies.  When we got offered a better car, for free, off of my parents I thought I’d pass the love on.  We’re not a rich family and the money would have been good, but my charity gene still got the best of me.
I offered the car on freecycle.  Needless to say we were more than deluged with people asking and many “can you drive it to me”, “Here is my mobile number, call me up” and one “I want the car and will collect it next week” as an opening pundit without a please, hello or thank you.  I narrowed it down to two very nice polite people.  One was honest enough to say he had no charity story, he just thought it would be a great gift for his daughter as she had just passed her test but really couldn’t afford to buy herself one.  Another seemed to have more of a greater need and said he had been struggling to get to jobs for his family, so I chose the latter.
When he turned up he walked up to the car so we could do the documents and I could hand over the keys.  However he started looking at the dints and scratchers and running his fingers over the panneling
“Didn’t you get these sorted?” he said
“God no, cars mean nothing to me, it still drove, I couldn’t care less how scratched it was”
Wiping his finger across the top he said “when was the last time it was washed?”
“When was the last time it rained?”  I replied
After kicking the wheels a bit and asking if had any work done to it he said
“The interior looks a little old”
“Yen” I said “That’s because it’s an old car” Then I had an epiphany “Let me show you this though, this is why I love the car”
I got in, started her up first time and drove it to the guy who wanted to give it to his daughter.  She loved it and cried, he gave me lots of firm grateful handshakes (and consequently eggs because he later invested in chickens) and I took the bus into my local town, visited my parents and returned home about 9pm.
I posted a very witty this has gone commenting on the first guy but never had a reply off of him again.

I know it was along the lines of:

HI there
Thanks for the interest in this.  The worse thing about posting a car is the was a fair few really nice people who had some manners and I only got to give one car away.
As of yesterday this car has been taken.  Taken from candidate number one who turned up to my house criticized everything asked for a full service history and maybe would have tried to bargain me down from free.  Like I said, it was taken from him a delivered to candidate number two, who said thanks (even if internally he might have been thinking, oh dear)

Turns out a little common courtesy did go long way.

Thanks to Paul for sharing this via our Submissions page.

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