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Freecyclers probably have Freecycle netiquette imprinted into their brains.  Tattooed right down to the cerebral cortex by the deluge of guidelines auto-sent on a weekly basis to each and every member. No WILD CAT curb alerts, (insert big cat of your choice roar here), no advertising, spam, bartering, politics, money exchange, blah,blah..

So we all know what an OFFER, a WANTED, a RECEIVED, and a TAKEN are, but few know that they can post an ADMIN on most groups which is defined as a new idea you’d like to make happen.  You usually send it to just the moderators but this person must have sent to the entire group.  At least I hope so.  I really can’t imagine that any moderator worth his or her salt would let this baby slip on by.

We can’t read this all the way through.  It’s filled with misspellings and run-on sentences.  We thought we’d post it so we could slowly drive you nuts.  Sort of like Chinese water torture.

ADMIN:Ideas on how to help solve no shows and other problems

We all hate no shows. You set a time and clear the schedule to let
someone take something that they can use instead of throwing it out
which would be much easier becasue it’s better for the enviroment
and someone may actually want/need it. I have had it happen to me on
different occasions on both freecycle bronx and freecycle NYC so I
stopped and thought about some possible solutions that I would like
to share.

POST ON ONE GROUP: We want to get rid of that stuff that we have
that is only good for taking up space and collect dust but when we
post on both fronts to speed up the process we double the workload
of responses which makes sifting through e-mails that much harder,
which in turns makes other people upset when they send out their e-
mails to yo requestting said item. The more e-mails you have to
sift through usually leaves a window for more e-mails to come in.
Less e-mails means more time to post that all important PROMISED so
people can stop anxiously awaiting that returned e-mail. I know I
hate waiting it just as much as you hate waiting for people that
don’t show that would have actually want it.

TRY O LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF OFFER POSTS: It’s personally hard fo rme
to whiddle down through the Metric crapload of e-mails looking
through 12 offers that you made to looking for the matching e-mail
that has either promised or taken. It makes it easier to get rid of
yoru stuff and to keep track of what we might want or need. Not
everybody’s Daily inbox intake is limited to 10 or even 50. I get at
least 400 A DAY andthat isn’t counting bulk or yahoo groups.
The more compact and streamlined he post is the easier it is to
read and get crap out of your home and into wanting ones.

no shows. Spending all of that time widdling through e-mails to find
and set up a meeting time using yur own personal free time and they
miss it can piss off the most patient of people. But yo have to
remember , they are people too! Give them a reminder the day before
and the same day out of courtesy because you knowKkelly sometimes
forgets to remind dad about that baseball glove for her important
gaem and Steven needs new taps for his tap shoes for the recital on
saturday which happens to coinside with the meeting time with you. a
phonecal does only take a few seconds but those seconds can be the
deciding factor between what the kids needs and what the adults
Are they far out examples can be. Are they impossible, nope, not
in the least. the same can go with elderly parents or any kind of
hectic schedules. I suggest that when people do actually make that
agreement to to give their freeccyleable to one another that they
exchange phone numbers and if they call to confirm to ONLY SPEAK
WITH THE FREECYCLER THEMSELVES> relatives, answering services and
other such things can and in the case fo relatives usually do not
carry out the message. Look what happened to Romeo and Juliet when a
message was supposed to be delivered. Yep…

So those are my suggestions. This shouldn’t be a private club nor
should this be a group where it just complains. anybody can comlain
and everybody usually does. What we need are solutions. I offered
mine. Anybody have any others?

Here’s mine…Spell Check.


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We don’t have to be just a blog, you know.  We can give the people what they want. Take these two posts for instance.  Should we arrange a pickup?

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WANTED:Greetings group,Children grow and it is time for my princess to have her own bed. Right now we have a Queen air mattress that has the dual sides. As soon as I am blessed with the mattress sets that I need, I will offer up what we have.

I would greatly appreciate sets that do not have any breaks in the frame or stains (such as from body fluids, people or animals) that I can not clean out completely.

If you have one size and not the other, that is okay. That brings me closer to what I need. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.



OFFER: I have a used decent mattress, has a juice stain on one side and I tried to clean it out but just made it bigger. Yikes.  Its pinkish so you know it isnt body fluid.
No funny smells….Non smoking home.– submitted by Pantera Rocks on our Fans of Freakcycle page.

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