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Readers…you can quit your Navajo basket weaving class now. We are back in cyberspace.

An embarrassingly long vacation with blissful summer nights of wine drinking and laissez-faire easy living á la Vanessa Paradis inexplicably morphed into a formidable and horrific creature which terrorizes everything around it but only during business hours.  Do you know this beast?

If you have a full-time job, then we are now in your ranks.  Yup, back into the Zombie workforce with us. A moment of silence please while we mourn the laid-back lifestyle we were perfecting into an art form.

Although we are now busier than Octomom at feeding time, this blog is back into the ring bringing you the accustomed tomfoolery that runs rampant on the Freecycle boards.  Bear with us because we will not be bringing it on the daily like before until we can work out some scheduling kinks.  I’m hoping salvation comes in the form of a wonder drug (over the counter, of course). This dream-capsule of medicine gives super human strength and endurance without diminishing one ounce of wit–all in one super dose.  Pharmacists out there, reach out.


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