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Why is hair okay when it’s attached to someone’s head but not okay when it is hanging out  the back of someone’s pilly sweater or  wrapped around an elastic band?   I get skeeved out finding my own hair in the drain and so does everyone else in my family.  My hair grows like a weed and continuously has to regenerate itself…not my fault, ok?  But this post is not about me and my magic hair nor is it about Sir Donald Trump’s mangy rug although it could have been, given today’s blog title.  

 The hair entry, naturally won last week’s Freak of the Week.  Of course it did.  Hair is gross.  End of story.


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 I have a small dilemma and want you to decide who gets today’s Freak of the Week award.  The first one made me throw up in my mouth a little bit and the second one…I am all about the environment and recycling, but isn’t this going a bit far?

  • looking for fast pickup
    Bunch of brown thin braids(about footlong each)-can be used for maybe costumes? I think this was part of extensions that were sewn to the head
  •  Various colors of candle ends, drippings. . .houselady7

Hit me up on the comments link and cast your vote.



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What’s up with all the strange requests from parents?   New Jersey definitely needs more odd children with strange talents, I stand behind that and support it wholeheartedly.  Only problem with this is that we may be setting up our kids to be the brunt of many jokes during their endless time in the school system.  I know all about it…I was one of these kids.  A bug geek in my brother’s hand-me-downs.  Yup.

  • Hello,  My daughter wants to learn to play the dulcimer. If you have a dulcimer that you can part with, you would make her very happy. In addition, any dulcimer related material we would be interested in also.
  • Hand held, stalk style metal detector wanted for beach combing with my 2 young sons to look for pirate treasure! Many thanks mateys. AARGH….K in Keyport.
  • Need a gun rack.  My son collects swords and I knew this was a long shot, but figured I’d try anyway. Thanks.

And let’s not forget this well-meaning dad, who I’ve featured in the past.

Hi everybody, well its summer again and this year 5 of my 8 kids want to learn to ride unicycles….
I know what your thinking, who rides unicycles?!
If anyone has one or 5 laying around drop me a line, thanks



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