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I know we’re stretching the pun thing a bit with the diabetic test strips because technically the machine that takes those strips is a lancet thingy and not really a shot-giver like those lovely hypodermics. What about the sake?  Am I the only one who does sake shots?  Will Freakcycle be deluged with Tokkuri purists?

WANTED: Rifle Scope – Hi i know its a long shot but im just wondering has anyone a rifle scope there not using, it would be great, thanks”

WANTED: Digital camera- I know it’s a long shot, but I have been through 2 digital cameras in the past year and can’t imagine being w/o one (I love to take pics of my two little ones). Just thought I’d check here first on the off chance that someone has one they are looking to replace or one they do not use. Thanks for looking!! =) M

WANTED: Shot put-Probably a long shot, but looking for a Shot Put.

WANTED: Diabetic Testing Strips for One Touch Ultra-My Mom is in the process of having her testing strips and other supplies mailed to her (which Medicare will supposedly cover) but she is close to running out of them at this time. I’m hoping there may be someone out there that no longer needs their in date testing strips due
to a change in prescription. It’s a long shot but it doesn’t hurt to try! (hee, hee!) She is using the One Touch Ultra Code 30 and would appreciate any help. Willing to travel to the surrounding areas.  Thank you!

WANTED:“The scent of sake” (book)-hazletThis may be a long shot. I have misplaced my library book, and before I buy a
new one to replace…maybe someone has a copy laying around. The author is Joyce Lebler (sp) “The scent of sake” soft cover preferred, although hard cover is appreciated too. Thanks for looking!


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You’re gonna have to get past us if you want that Conair brush.  We’ll fight you tooth and nail.  Then we’ll give you the tooth and nail as souvenirs.

OFFER: Lipstick lot—Pick up from doorman building. Must take all. Sephora 251b, a dark plumb gloss, Sephora 9y2l, a brown wine gloss, Lancome rouge attraction lipstick mystic, L’oreal raisin berrt colorstay lipstick. Great lipsticks and can be cleaned with alcohol prior to use.  Person who can pick up soonest gets priority.

OFFER: Creamy Baby Oil/Dry Shampoo/Brush —I have an almost full container of creamy baby oil. The brand is angel of mine and it came from the dollar store.I also have an almost full bottle of Tresemme fresh start dry shampoo. This did not work for me-maybe someone else has already tried it and likes it?

I also have a large round Conair brush that I never use anymore. It will need to be cleaned up because it has dust on it and some hair. This is 7 or 8 inches around and has a metal base with plastic bristles. Its a good brush if you feel like cleaning it up:) It was only used a few times.  Thanks to Laura who sent to us via SUBMISSIONS.

OFFER: various toiletries (please read)  I have a variety of toiletries that I do not use.  Thought maybe someone could use what they want, and freecycle the rest. In the box there is hair gel, hair straightener, hair curling cream, lotion, perfume, and nail polish.  THere may be some more in there, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Thanks.

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I know your first instinct once you read this post is to laugh.  I must admit we had hearty giggle or two.  But let’s see this for what it really is.  It’s a cry for help. Freakcycle to the rescue.


I would like to have a parrot. Any size or color will do. I will love

it no matter what. Willing to exchange husband if necessary. He is

good at Playstation and couch warming. Squawks but is learning


Freakcycle’s gonna play matchmaker for a sec.  No, we aren’t going to find a parrot for this lady.  Parrots are a dime-a-dozen on Freecycle, probably because they live forever. Husbands are rarely offered, probably because they are rare and often delightful, right ladies?  She needs one of our “At Your Service” connections to remind her of that so we found a little bit of inspiration in the form of a plaque.

Dear lady, if you are reading this blog, take a moment and heed our advice.  These few and precious words will bring back all the reasons you married your sweet, little Playstation-playing couch potato.

OFFER: plaque-4 x 6″ gold-tone frame.  Calligraphy quote:

“How blessed I am … how blessed I’ve been … you’re not only my husband … you’re my best friend.”

Has some dried flowers inside the frame too. I still love my husband, it’s just the frame that doesn’t go anymore!

Please let me know when you’d like to pick up in your response.

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  • Spotted on Freecycle: “Beach Wind Breakers needed to stop nosy weirdo neighbour staring at us when we’re in the garden.”- by maxtundra
  • Seen on my local freecycle: “wanted: empty urn for a person’s ashes”. What do you respond to that??- geminilove
  • Freecycle really is strange. I mean who really wants a used cat litter tray?- by cheesyjim
  • Nope, still not got the right secret handshake to re-join freecycle-wandsworth, bloody ridiculous- by suborb
  • Wow someone’s offering a Stargate on Freecycle. I really hope they didn’t mean Stairgate before I drive over there.- by richardleggett
  • I’m frequently amazed by the shit people advertise on Freecycle. You can still throw some things away, no bastard wants old biscuits.- by alanhousden
  • #Freecycle offer: “KEYRING. Fairly solid short chain connecting ring and decorative piece, gold tone.” It would cost more in gas…- by mattlyttle

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WANTED: Im an aspiring Fashion Designer about to do my first show and I need all types of clothes, dressy, casual, and eveningwear. From sizes 10 children, through adult small, medium, large and extra large.  ANY help greatly appreciated. Thank You

Love the honesty.  Read between those lines…It says, ” Woo child, I’m tired and can’t put together my Fall/Winter 2010 collection because I am a lazy mofo with not one stitch of creativity so please send me your muumuus, cruddy Uggs, Grandpa’s fly fishing vest, your daughter’s Dora The Explorer pajamas, some bedsheets, and ooh, throw in those Terminator sunglasses while you’re at it.  I’ll put together a Rodarte-inspired fashion extravaganza the likes of which Women’s Wear Daily ain’t never seen and will probably never see again.  ANY help greatly appreciated so seamstresses and tailors in the Freecycling community, don’t be shy and give me a shout.  I’ll put you to work.”

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I have a messed up jaw.   A really messed up jaw.  Let me give you the long story short.

Me- 9 years old, hanging with friends outside.  One pokes me hard on the cheek and says “What the hell is that?” Fast forward to the now.  “That” turned out to be a benign tumor lodged between my jaw muscles.  They took it out a week after said incident and since then I’ve had a variety of bizarre side effects.

Aside from the constant jaw clicking when I yawn or eat a large sandwich, it hasn’t been incredibly bothersome.  There have been a couple of instances when my jaw has actually locked open or closed (I prefer the closed) but by far, the strangest thing is that now every time that I am super hungry and am about to eat something I really love, the side of my cheek starts to sweat.  (This is verging on TMI [or TMJ, for those of you in the know] but who can bring you the crazy except someone who is in touch with the crazy…on the real)

It’s not sweat but saliva. A doctor explained that they may have damaged one or two salivary glands in the process as the surgery was so extensive (scar from temple to back of ear) and now, inexplicably, sometimes it comes out through my pores.  I am a freak of nature.

Oversharing?  Perhaps.  Medical mystery?  I don’t know.  I do know I have some great company on Freecycle though.

WANTED: Hearing Aid please…the highest strength desired…NYC

WANTED: Face tanning lamp—Hello,I would appreciate it if someone has a working face tanning lamp / quartz lamp. Wanted due to a medical condition. Thank you in advance!

WANTED:Working gas range-My stove broke. I rent. My landlord gave me a replacement old stove which was spray painted and making me sick! If you happen to be remodeling and don’t need your old gas stove, I’d be happy to take it. Thanks very much.

OFFER: Orthofix Cervical Stimulator-ORTHOFIX-Model number 2505–I have a magnetic device which I used to hasten healing post cervical laminectomy. Charger included. This item is located in the Dyckman St area

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WANTED: Iron Gym or 1 screw-  I purchased an Iron Gym and can’t use it since I broke one of the screws. I either would like a screw or I’ll just take the entire Iron Gym if it’s just collecting dust in your house.

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