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  • T-shirt slogan for my life right now: “I Went On Freecycle.org For A Multi-Track Recorder But All I Could Find Was A F*#**$@#g Rat Cage’.-by natalie_shaw
  • To whom it concerns on #Freecycle/#Freegle everywhere: it’s chest of DRAWERS not chest of draws.-by dizzily
  • #freecycle “wanted – BOAT ANY CONDITION” … WE ARE SINKING -by roryok
  • #freecycle “Hi i know its a long shot but im just wondering has anyone a rifle scope there not using” long shot! Gettit? -by roryok
  • Honestly, it’s hysterical, some of the things you see on Freecycle beggar belief. “Offered – Artificial left leg” for example.-by doodledawne
  • My local Freecycle emails are a constant source of both joy and horror. Someone is asking for a “Complete Wii system with games” -by doodledawne
  • Gotta love @freecycle – my pick of the day: ‘Mannequin legs. One leg has a chip’. -by bean_mother
  • GREATEST freecycle post EVER! “Dryer lint (2grocery bags) please no phone numbers, just let me know when you want to pick up. Thanks.” LOL!
  • Some one is offering a smoke machine on freecycle. Why am I compelled to ask for it? -by mafiu
  • After brutha blows out the candles on his cake, Chris gets upset we’re lickin candles & tossing them, “I was gonna post those on Freecycle!” -by EKat
  • I am selling my husband on freecycle. For free. I think he’s overpriced. -by Mediamun


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It’s very true that the last 48 hours of Freecycle in my world has been ho-hum to say the least.  Slim pickings y’all.  Freakcycle is hurting for some crazies.  Gentle reader, I beseech you…submit, submit, submit.

In the meantime, I leave you with a few skin crawlers, and I hope I mean that figuratively and not literally.

  • OFFER: Hair Removal Creams-3 tubes of different creams–2 of the tubes are 1/2 – 3/4 used. 1 tube is hardly used.I just hate to throw out – – -My skin is too sensitive anymore.Thanks!
  • OFFER: Just cleaned out my cabinets. About 30 pieces of makeup, used: lipsticks, eye shadows, etc… Try out new colors? Thanks to Drunkenatheist for submitting via Fans of Freakcycle
  • OFFER:Half-face respirator-The filters do not work but the rubber and everything else is fine. My husband used it when he worked construction. You’ll need to wipe out the dust.

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Simple and to the point, that is the kind of Freecycle poster that I am.  OFFER: armless mannequin- Up for grabs is a female mannequin, no arms.  Quick pick-up appreciated.  Thanks. That is one of my posts.

Sure, you’d love to know why the mannequin has no arms, maybe you’re curious as to why I have a mannequin in the first place, maybe I’m a creepy fashion designer, it rubs the lotion on its skin and all that business.  Too bad.  That’s all you get.

In my  four years of Freecycling, I’ve seen an increase in the complexity of people’s posts.  In the past, most posts were like mine…straightforward.   As Freecycle goes global and the individual networks boast bigger and bigger membership numbers, there is more competition for the item of your dreams.

How to stand out?  Sob story is good, complicated sub-plot, sad children…even better.  Sink your teeth into these babies and forget about my mannequin.

  • WANTED: Toddler bed and two crib mattresses- I am looking for a toddler bed any kind as long as its in decent shape and safe and 2 crib mattresses again in good shape. Husband and I are separating and my boys will need a place to sleep in the new place. I can pick up at your convenience. Thanks!
  • WANTED:-a working CPU unit with reboot discs-MY PC CRASHED LASTnight im using my dauthersn pc i hope to god sum1 pulls thur for me i will pick it up quickly ifu can spare one that u do not use id love it im disable and watching tv is not much fun as being on line god bless u all alicia elena
  • WANTED : clothing or other items for baby girl……..My mother who is 46 recently found out she is pregnant. Since her youngest child is now 21 all she has is the crib and swing my sons both already outgrew.

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Funny moms:

  • RE-OFFER: elmo doll- This is last time offering or he will see the garbage..this elmo is a musical one that needs batteries he sings and plays the guuitar…guess..rockin elmo..maybe…Cant remember when my kids played with it last…quick porch pick up. kris
  • OFFER: Stick Pony with a broken neck- I have a really cut stick pony that moves his head, neighs and play music. Unfortunately his neck broke so he’s no longer firmly attached to the stick.His head is floppy but he still works. I looked to see if he’s an easy fix and I think he will require more work than I want to do. My youngest son is deathly afraid of him anyway so I’ll let someone else enjoy him.
  • OFFER: 3 Martha Stewart queen size blankets. They are very snuggly, but pill terribly, and I have an infant who will eat anything right now…. Thanks to Mel for sending this one in.

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A laptop, a brand new flat screen?   Are you for real?

Yes apparently you are.

  • Wanted/Im seeking a decent ,clean and nice shaped Pool table for our basement for the kids.I am in Freehold.Can pick up or can be brought here. Saay whaaaat?? Do my eyes deceive me?
  • WANTED: LAPTOP apple IMAC/MACBOOK/ IPOD TOUCH – Good God, mine eyes doth deceive me! hi All,if anyone has any off the above i would be super greatful thank-you Shane- submitted by Roryok via our SUBMISSIONS page
  • I need patio furniture and a gazebo for my yard trying to have a BBQ this summer with the  family
  • Wanted: BlackBerry Storm-Hi. If you are one of those who are totally frustrated with your Storm and have gotten another phone … I could REALLY use this for business if you are no longer using it. Please….
  • Wanted: Weight Set and office equipment-Greetings fellow free cyclers Looking for a weight set with bench and dumbells200 or 300 Lbs of weightsalso any office equipment such as:an office quality two line speaker phone w/caller ID, a high volume office quality fax/printer,a portable CD/DVD player,a Wireless “N” Internet Router Modem… Not “G”

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-“My chickens aren’t getting on with their new chick friends. Does anyone have a coup so I can seperate them” by Lostinnotation

-So freecycle has it good points! So now I’m off 2 freecycle again, I want a new house, car and iphone! 😉 x by rikimaru

-Yes, I’d like a new Bentley Continental if one of those is going on Freecycle. Must be less than a year old. by mdlachlan

-OMG ! Some folk on freecycle are so bloomin cheeky !!!! Wants working car with at least 6mnth MOT and wont need fixing in near future !!!! by ktflosspot

-I thought the people asking for working RVs and cars on Freecycle were nuts, but now I’ve seen it all. Wanted: shell of full-sized airplane. by Seidhr

-Freecycle post: “Freanch Spelling Cards”… Maybe you should keep them just a little longer..! by KatDodd

-Just received on my local Freecycle: Request for a blow-up doll — to demonstrate the effects of the sugar in soda on the body. Yeah, sure.- by JTX

-Just got this reply to a Freecycle post, after confirming that it’s still available: “Excellent! How much were you asking for it?” #fb by suehle

-Freecycle header: “OFFER: Ethereal cabinet”. Oh wait- it actually says “Ethernet cable”. May need more coffee. Or a nap. by forrestproper

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-beef strips for fajitas- frozen sealed tight

-bag of rice

-bag of carrots

-can of peach filling

the member that gets this
has to bring me back some
pie, I don’t have time to
bake please

maybe u can bake some small
tarts or 2-small pies

please reply only if u really
need the food

Please reply only if u really need the food.  Hmmm.  Let’s suppose the lucky recipient’s name is “Hungry”.  Good.  Now “Hungry” has some food thanks to you.  But wait.  “Hungry” now has to go to the grocery store, buy butter, flour, wax paper, some pie tins, and God knows what else (I don’t bake) and then has to whip up some Julia Child-style tarts and pies to thank you for the free food.

Let’s do some math, Mastercard style minus the real math because I suck royally at math.  Here goes—This is what your little gift amounts to—a bit of gas money for the pick up trip,  5 bucks for the frozen fajita strips, 2 bucks for a bag of Goya arroz, $1.29 for the peach filling and 2 bucks for the carrots, all of the baking ingredients and gadgets I mentioned above, a bit of gas money for the grocery store trip, and let’s add a few hours of labor for the baking and packing up the little thank you gift.  Now, will you pick up or do we have to deliver  ’cause that’s extra.

Let’s do this instead.  “Hungry”, step away from the computer, shoot me an email because I am always trying to get out of making dinner, and I’ll treat you to some Wendy’s, yes?


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