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Thanks to Andrea for submitting this Wanted post via our Submissions page

  • WANTED: Engagement rings for Him and Her- I’m looking for engagement rings.  Cause i just got engaged and my man cant afford to buy any.

All right you cynics out there, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that this post is a harbinger of doom.

The man can’t even buy his lady an engagement ring so she has to embarrass herself in front of her moderators and all of her group by posting on Freecycle.  If they can’t afford engagement rings, how are they going to buy the wedding bands, the 5 bedroom house, the GE French-Door Bottom-Freezer refrigerator, the Chevy Equinox and all the other symbols of true happiness?

Is there not one optimist amongst you?

Cars, Wii consoles, four-piece microfiber living room sets in near perfect condition, engagement rings, yes, even iPads…all things are possible on Freecycle. Take that and stir it in your haterade.


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I know what it’s like Sandy, ’cause I got two little ones of my own but in my case, I’m the one in need.

  • Need a high for my baby~~~  Thanks a lot!     Regards,  Sandy

Just to be fair to Sandy, she originally posted for a high chair in her subject line but forgot an essential word. Or did she?

Thanks to Mel for sending this in.

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OFFER: PC Keyboard, some sticky keys but still working.

Wow.  Definitely the most deserving of my Questionable Treasures category.

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image by Tjflex2 www.flickr.com/photos/tjflex/233594698/

This one, this post was the birthday gift I was looking for.

  • Missoula-Freecycle- OFFER: Free feral barn cats

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As I write this in my pj’s, still without a shower and on my third cup of coffee, I’m feeling a bit embarrassed. These here dogs are getting more maintenance than I’ve had in a year.

image by lazlo-photo www.flickr.com/photos/laszlo-photo/1170735517/sizes/l/
  • OFFER: new bottle of Kiehl’s Cuddly Coat Conditioning Rinse  for dogs. 12 ounces. Please don’t respond if you are not going to follow  through. Thanks!

  • OFFER: Beautiful red woolen coat with toggles for a medium size dog.  Never worn. Also a tube of new organic dog toothpaste.  My dog didn’t like it.  Please take both.

  • OFFER: Six handmade washable (assorted colors/prints in cotton or flannel)belly bands for the MALE dog who just can’t hold it. Stick a Poise pad in,wrap around the dog’s belly, fasten the velcro – and voila! No more messes. Size would probably work best on a lab/retriever size dog – my guy was a brittany/spaniel mix, but passed away before we could put the belly bands to good use.

  • OFFER-Doggie diapers-This offer consists of two items: Medium ( 15-45 lb.) and Pup’sters 12 Pack Disposable Diapers and the Pup’sters Washable Denim Male Dog Wrap that covers the disposable diapers.  I never used them so they are brand new.  Thanks so much.

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OFFER: Corn Cushions-I bought these for my dog but they never stayed on him. One pack of Dr Scholl’s Extra Thick Corn Removers and one pack of Walgreens brand Corn Cushions. These are new, unopened packages.
Easy front porch p/u anytime. Please let me know in you reply when you can p/u so I can put it out for you. Thanks.

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image from www.ibareitall.com

Good God.  If the busted up heater post wasn’t bad enough, I am amazed at the lengths people go to Freecycle stuff that is really better off in the landfills.  I am a DIE HARD Freecycler, giving away everything I no longer want but never once did I question dumping our old toaster oven when it started smoking and the cord got dangerously hot and began melting.   These people apparently won’t feel any hint of regret if their cast offs incur bodily harm or maybe even death.  Am I just being melodramatic?  You decide.

In case you missed the space heater post:

  • Offering a small electric space heater.  The device works fine for producing heat.  The unit was built to either stand up straight or tilt, and the tilt function has broken so that it doesn’t stand straight unless you lean it up against something.

You might not want to pass these up, thrill seekers:

  • OFFER: Baby Gate for top of steps-  White metal gate.  One of the prongs is broken/bent from my boys swinging on it.  Available after Tuesday.  Need to bring your power tools to get it off the wall and stairs for me.  Size can adjust to different lengths.  Give day and time you can come and help take.  Serious inquiries only.
  • OFFER: Water cooler/heater-  We have a freestanding water cooler/heater that dispenses boiling hot, room temperature, and ice cold water.  Holds both larger and smaller water bottles.  It is white and in definite need of a dusting!  The safety catch on the boiling water is cracked but we just used a little fork to hold it over to the side when we used it ( That is only necessary when using the boiling water)  Works very well!  Not at all heavy-I moved it down stairs to garage quickly as that is my husband”s domain and he does not share it well!  Quickest pick up gets preference, so please state when you will pick up and I will put in driveway.  Will not hold.

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