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Oh snap!  This is what we saw on the Freecycle Missoula Twitter feed this morning.

[Missoula-Freecycle] TAKEN: snus rinse  

Was this a case of a Qwerty quck-up?  Arrgh.  Could this be?  We hurriedly started mining the Missoula feed on our Tweet Deck for the answer.  Imagine our relief when we saw: 

OFFER:Neil Med Sinus Rinse (Missoula)

Sometimes I think we’ve done this for too long and are starting to see things.


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OFFER: Ivory Damask 3-seater sofa – good used condition Fxxxt/Axxxs
Please let me know if interested in coming to have a look. There is slight
rapture on left arm – but could be easily covered by the armcovers.



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Best unfortunate typo yet.  Yikes.  Visions of electric shock dancing in my head.

OFFER: 12 Volt Blackend Pecker drill, charger, and battery,

OFFER: toddler toys, Dora or Diego play set

Let me know if you want both!

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WANTED: Wizerd of Oz things -in need of any wizerd of oz things for a deer friend. feel free to e- mail me at xxxxx04###@yahoo. com or call me at ###-####


Thanks to Francine for sending to us via SUBMISSIONS

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Image by juhansonin

WANTED: Toddler educational books or meterial.- I have a 20 month old baby boy & want to start him early on abc’s & counting!! any meterial will help. 🙂

Take those toddler books and get your grammar on or within the year he’ll be a better speller than you.  Here’s another post from the same person:

OFFER: Winnie the poo night light- I have a cute Winnie the poo cute night light that sits on a dresser. Pick up in Glen xxxxx area of Hxxxxx.

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Image by Not The First Noel

Today we got a hold of this through Twitter and decided that we had to finally unveil our “Unfortunate Typos” category.  This was too good to put away.

Thanks to AbsolutLaudanum for submitting via Twitter

OFFER: Cleaning out my drawers and have some baby bowels we don’t use any longer.  Anyone interested?  Priority consideration goes to emails with day and time of pick up.

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WANTED: Old reel to reel tape player or 8-track player:  Hi, I am looking for an old reel to reel rape recorder that works and/or an eight-track player for a Vet in a VA hospital.  If you have one collecting dust…

Whoa there VA Vet, keep your entertainment preferences to yourself!

Thanks Mel for sending this in.

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