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Hawaii cookbook

Been on an extended vacation and have accumulated many strange offers  but have been too lazy to post.  This one, however, made me jump out of my beach bum, beer-swigging stupor.  Extra points go for the mispelling of Hawaiian…doesn’t take anything away from the pork chops’ yumminess, I’m sure.  Freakcycle at its finest.  See you at the dinner table.

Offer: 5-6 cooked Hawaiin style pork chops Very Yummy!- Jackson

I have about 5-6 hawaiin style w/ pineapple & juice cooked pork chops left
over. I made it over white rice & it was delicious.
I am in Jackson near the outlets & will be home all day.


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For those of you new to our Freak Circus, there are many posts which leave us wanting more, we want to know the back story.  Here are the newest additions.

  • Im ISO an Alcohol Anonymous Book Im in need of it badly and i would sure be appreciated it
  • Offer-51″ GigaBall- It’s a big yellow inflatable ball that you can get inside a roll around in. Needs to be used on a flat lawn and not near water. I’d recommend adult supervision when it’s in use. Looks like it would be lots of fun even without letting people get inside.
    Was given to my son as a gag – he’s 18 and over 6 ft, so he’s never used it. New, still in the box.
  • Wanted- baby gate for doorway-needed ASAP-Can pickup same day – my toddler has become the escape artist and figured we’d try “gating” him first. Thanks in advance!!
  • This is a doggie seatbelt for a large sized dog (I have a 75 lb Doberman). It’s a harness type with a leash clip that connects into your seatbelt. It’s used but it’s in perfect condition. I have 2 seatbelts and only one dog so Happy Freecycling!
    I couldn’t let my neighbor flush his fish when he moved, so we’ve adopted it and stuck it in a pot until we can provide some proper housing.
    If anybody has a small tank and/or equipment that’s not in use, it would do this fish a world of good!
  • Offer- Simple Solution Dog disposable diapers-This was a pack of 12, I took out one and realized there was no way my dog was going to keep this on. So the pack is still new, but is missing one. 

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I do daily Freecycle searches on Twitter and I gotta say, I may move to Montana and join the Missoula network because there are some true gems here.  Only have the subject lines of their posts but I’m working on joining so I can get the whole posts.  These are the subject lines…can you imagine the descriptions?  Oh, Missoula, let me join, pleeeeeeeaaase.

These were the ones I found just this month…

  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: Postcard type photo sets of Polish concentration camps
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER:Free horse to a good home – Missoula/Bitterroot
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] WANTED: Dog Training Shock Collar – Missoula/Bitterroot
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: to bonafide good home, mini gelding
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: old broke down picnic table *(no location)
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: BD brand instant ear thermometer probe cover missoula
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: most of a bunkbed. Missoula
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: When Good Ghouls Go Bad VHS
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: Monitor Thing that protects your eyes

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I’ve been on a self-imposed vacation this past week but I’ve been bone-tired and kind of cranky.  Of course, this is the week all the freaks come out.  So here you go.  But please, tell me…are these posts annoying or is it just me?

  • greetings freecyclers! !!
    i am looking for a futon mattress super clean it is gonna be my as well as my sons bed ( if you could drop off would be great have very small car.  also stud type earring dont have to have backs just small studs
  • I am looking for a stackable washer/dryer.. In decent working condition.. Also a Golf Bag Cart… Thanks
  • I know these are wish lists and perfume is considered a luxury these days
    with money going to necessities.
    If anyone has any Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds that they don’t like or want, partial or full, I would like this for my mother in law
    For me if anyone has any Estee Lauder Beautiful regular or sheer, or White
    Linen that they don’t want or use, I would love to take off your hands.
    Willing to try other fragrances but these are what I can tolerate so far
    without getting a headache…LOL.

I think I’m just cranky.

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