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  • Someone just put a “vintage stapler” up on my local Freecycle. Sorry, buddy… staplers aren’t vintage. They’re just old.- by twirlandswirl
  • Seen this a.m. on Freecycle Charlotte: “WANTED – Fire Extinguisher” So… do you need it, like, RIGHT NOW? Because 911 may be the better.- by FrustratedWriter
  • You know you live in the country when someone in your area is trying to freecycle chickens…yes live chickens- by BethLanai
  • Freecycle – full of absolute nutters: “WANTED: Emergency ferret items”.- by adamdullenty
  • Dear Freecyclers, if it’s broken for God’s sake throw it away, don’t offer it with “leaks a bit” or “doesn’t suck any more”- by highwaylass
  • From my local Freecycle: “OFFERED, Large unopened box Movicol constipation relief!”- by nevillecwatson
  • An offer on freecycle newcastle reads, “used toothbrush” in the description “bristles were too hard, needs a good home”- wolfrubinTwo slightly foxed lay-z-boys disposed of into the gaping, insatiable maw of Freecycle #somuchspacenow- by chiltonr
  • Request on Durham Freecycle for “Wanted: Mobile Phone Crook”. I think that means the poster lives in Crook, not that she requires a thief.- by alibrown18


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¡Ay mama mia, mi gente..tenemos maracas en la cabeza!   Rosetta or Loretta…mamma mia or ay mama?  Fa lo stesso, it’s six of one, half-a-dozen of another. What would Tia Roseletta say about this? I’m sure she would give our dear and lovable Joe a chancletazo en la jeta or push him into the bathtub Madonna.  Ti piace?

WANTED: Learn Italian/Spanish Loretta Stone CD’s Mxxxxxxxxn-

Hello Fellow Free cyclers

I am looking to learn another language.
Italian and Spanish

If anyone happens to have a
Loretta Stone or some other effective language learning software
that they no longer want or use…..
I will be glad to put it to good use again!

I live in Mxxxxxxxxn
Can pick up right away!

Thank you

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The official coffee maker at Freakcycle Headquarters

Wow, if this isn’t a “Fly On The Wall” post then I don’t know what is.  I’d give my third cup of coffee to know what happened this morning.  Any guesses?

OFFER: Mr. Coffee- My 2-year old traditional Mr. Coffee has issues so I am freecycling the glass carafe.  I dont think the maker itself is safe so out it goes (after what happened this am ) Any takers?

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Image by Totally Severe

1.  WANTED: The ABC’s of Reloading-I want to start reloading my own ammo and would love to have this book.Thanks

2. OFFER: Brown Betty hair color- brown betty – from the box: “color for the hair down there” demi-permanent color. new in box.
ive never evern seen this before, someone gave it to me as a joke, before i threw it out i wanted to check to see if anyone would like it. easy porch pick-up

3. OFFER: bunch of silver gold costume earrings-Don’t wear these anymore. Used to have a big ear complex but accepted the reality – and grew hair. picture at http://bit.ly/9t0RoK email availability TO PICK UP ALL in west 60s on wednesday or thursday after 8pm. Flaking annoys me.

4. WANTED: Scrap Metal or wood-I need scrap metal or wood to create some shelving in an old chicken coop I bought and plan to place on my wall. I know it’s a strange project, but I’m hoping it turns out well. Condition doesn’t matter, however, length and width do. I need pieces at least 35″ long and 7″ wide. Thanks so much.

5. OFFER: large plastic wall leopard-This item is a long vintage plastic 3D leopard or other wild cat that hangs on the wall. It reminds me of the old tiger that used to hang in Sunoco stations (I think.) It is four feet long and is light brown and cream colored with dark spots, and it is molded in a running position with its mouth open like it’s chasing a gazelle or something. 🙂 I tried eBaying it thinking someone would love it but no one was interested. I’d say it’s from the 1950s or 1960s. Great for a basement bar, old fashioned garage or some other funky decor. I can send pix if you’d like to see it before committing.

First come first served, in order of email responses. Put your phone number in your email or I won’t reply because I do not have time to email fifty people back and forth. I’ll call the person in the first email and if they don’t pick it up I’ll call the second, etc. If it’s already taken I simply won’t respond so if you don’t hear from me that’s what that means. Hope someone wants this funky old cat!

Thanks for freecycling!

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Image by juhansonin

WANTED: Toddler educational books or meterial.- I have a 20 month old baby boy & want to start him early on abc’s & counting!! any meterial will help. 🙂

Take those toddler books and get your grammar on or within the year he’ll be a better speller than you.  Here’s another post from the same person:

OFFER: Winnie the poo night light- I have a cute Winnie the poo cute night light that sits on a dresser. Pick up in Glen xxxxx area of Hxxxxx.

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Image by erika.tricroche

OFFER: Garmin GPS- my son got the gps from beach when he crab yesterday, I think it doesn’t work because water damage.

Please let me know if you want it.

Two things…even after a vacation, I can’t make heads or tails of this post.  Secondly, she should be thankful that her son got GPS and not crabs.

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Stop Your Sobbing

Image by paparatti

Don’t despair, freakers.  We haven’t abandoned you.  I admit it was terribly mean to not tell you we were leaving you for a while but when you have a boo-boo, you just gotta rip the Band-Aid right off, catch you unawares so it doesn’t hurt too much. Are we the boo-boo or the Band-Aid?  Perhaps we are neither, perhaps we are the Neosporin.  Forget this analogy…it is clearly going nowhere.   We are grabbing the last rays of sunshine in a desperate attempt to insure some semblance of a vacation.  We will be up and running on Tuesday, the 7th.

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