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I didn’t think it would ever happen but it finally farkkin’ly has!  Freecycle is volleying one to their darker, stranger, and dare we say more interesting compadre Freakcycle.  Yes.

We’ve documented many petty jealousies, competitions, and grumblings about our world-recognized nemesis but one of their moderators is tossing us a biscuit…tiny, stale and a tad gnawed around the edges but thank you Freecycle all the same.  

All you Debbie Downers on Freecycle, quit your bellysniping about used catheters, tires, grandma’s old teeth and peculiar animal bits. Someone besides us wants them too.  

Hi everyone,

i’m sure many people had thoughts about used underwear, whether
privately or publicly. i’d like to ask that we move past this and
also ask that people report problems to the mods–there’s no need to
argue on the message board.

We are a large, diverse group in one of the world’s largest and most
diverse cities. We are united by our desire to see less waste in our
city, and our ability to maintain this gifting system relies on our
ability to be respectful towards one another.

With regard to what’s appropriate to post or not, we all have our
limits on what we’ll reuse. Every post about underwear reaps a
few “ewww” comments to the mods, but i’ve seen ’em on sale in thrift
stores and i know a lot of ladies on this list appreciate the bras
that are given away (they’re expensive)! In the same way one might
see a taxidermied animal as offensive while another sees it as a
kitschy stage prop, let’s understand that we all have needs and
limits. If you don’t want it, skip over it, but if it can be reused
and help someone out, is it for us to judge?

Yes, there are things that are inappropriate for this list–drugs,
adult movies, etc and the mods work to enforce those rules. But if
our goal is to reduce the enormity of Nxx Xxxx’s waste, let’s foster,
not stifle that mission.


(a moderator)


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Now, now, now.  Don’t cause a Black Friday-at-the-Old-Navy-type-stampede for this one.  You know the Freecycle drill…send a very nice email politely requesting the item and pray to all the saints for your chance to own these bad boys.

OFFER: I have a worn-out club chair with an ottoman up for grabs. The fabric is a
dark pattern. The chair is not in good shape–the fabric is wearing thin in
places, two of the big springs in the seat are broken so you sink back when
you sit, there’s dog hair on it, and it smells like a dog has been sleeping
in it. But if you need a junky chair, this is the one for you!

Thank you to Happy Campers for sending this one to us via SUBMISSIONS.

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Neti? Set? No!

OFFER: netti pot (Xxxth st.) i hope this isnt a gross offer but i have a netti pot in perfect condition. now i have used it a couple of times but i would think a good washing would rid it of any cooties (but i dont have cooties….).

pick up near Xxxth st. x/x/X/C.


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Image by W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co.

You’re gonna have to get past us if you want that Conair brush.  We’ll fight you tooth and nail.  Then we’ll give you the tooth and nail as souvenirs.

OFFER: Lipstick lot—Pick up from doorman building. Must take all. Sephora 251b, a dark plumb gloss, Sephora 9y2l, a brown wine gloss, Lancome rouge attraction lipstick mystic, L’oreal raisin berrt colorstay lipstick. Great lipsticks and can be cleaned with alcohol prior to use.  Person who can pick up soonest gets priority.

OFFER: Creamy Baby Oil/Dry Shampoo/Brush —I have an almost full container of creamy baby oil. The brand is angel of mine and it came from the dollar store.I also have an almost full bottle of Tresemme fresh start dry shampoo. This did not work for me-maybe someone else has already tried it and likes it?

I also have a large round Conair brush that I never use anymore. It will need to be cleaned up because it has dust on it and some hair. This is 7 or 8 inches around and has a metal base with plastic bristles. Its a good brush if you feel like cleaning it up:) It was only used a few times.  Thanks to Laura who sent to us via SUBMISSIONS.

OFFER: various toiletries (please read)  I have a variety of toiletries that I do not use.  Thought maybe someone could use what they want, and freecycle the rest. In the box there is hair gel, hair straightener, hair curling cream, lotion, perfume, and nail polish.  THere may be some more in there, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Thanks.

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Image by prettydaisies

OFFER: “Bongers” massage tools-Not really sure how you’d describe these. They’re intended to be used for Shiatsu-type massage and claim to cure everything from cellulite to headaches.

In good condition except one may have slight dog drool on it from when my dog thought it looked like a fun toy.

See picture – http://bit.ly/bakWKU

If interested email me your availability to pick up in the west xxs after 5 pm

on Sunday or after 7 pm on Monday.

As always no flakers please.

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Image by xtoq

Not for the mouth and very long stainless steel stem.  I will stop right there with my commentary.

OFFER: Digital thermometer not for mouth -This is a Trutemp by Taylor Digital Thermometer. It is very long stainleess steel stem with a pocket case. Accurate from -40 degrees to 302 degrees F.

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We don’t have to be just a blog, you know.  We can give the people what they want. Take these two posts for instance.  Should we arrange a pickup?

Image by deepwarren

WANTED:Greetings group,Children grow and it is time for my princess to have her own bed. Right now we have a Queen air mattress that has the dual sides. As soon as I am blessed with the mattress sets that I need, I will offer up what we have.

I would greatly appreciate sets that do not have any breaks in the frame or stains (such as from body fluids, people or animals) that I can not clean out completely.

If you have one size and not the other, that is okay. That brings me closer to what I need. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.



OFFER: I have a used decent mattress, has a juice stain on one side and I tried to clean it out but just made it bigger. Yikes.  Its pinkish so you know it isnt body fluid.
No funny smells….Non smoking home.– submitted by Pantera Rocks on our Fans of Freakcycle page.

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