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Hi everybody, well its summer again and this year 5 of my 8 kids want to learn to ride unicycles….
I know what your thinking, who rides unicycles?!
If anyone has one or 5 laying around drop me a line, thanks

Actually what I’m thinking is who has eight kids?  I have two and I’m going insane.

One or five laying around?  Unless you’re a circus troupe it’s highly unlikely you have five unicycles laying around.  Well, we actually do have one in the shed but we’re not giving it up.

But seriously, I absolutely love this post and I totally want to hang out with these people.  This dad is awesome for getting his kids into unicycles and I really hope he finds some for them. 



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OFFER: I got this large size dogloo–a dog house that looks like an igloo–to house some small goats that I intended to get. Instead I got another horse, so no room for the planned goats. Girlfriend says the dogloo has got to go. It is in good condition but could use a wash.

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Ektorp sofa


Oh heck, I just wanna Freecycle everything now.  Once the sofa, loveseat and coffee table were gone, I felt liberated. I like my minimalist living room.  Suddenly everything that’s left around my blissful empty space feels like clutter.  I see my kids’ toys and I throw them in the toy box, even if they’re still playing with them.  I’m just kidding.  I don’t do that.  I throw the kid in the box too along with the toy. They like it.  I really am kidding although my friend’s kid jumps into the toy box all the time and he’s okay.

Getting rid of large items via Freecycle  is not that easy.  All Freecyclers know that for every good and reliable pick-up there are at least one or two no-shows.  I know from personal experience that if I respond to a post for an Amish-made, 12-foot cedar cabinet, I better be prepared with my Budget Rent-A-Truck, my husband and one or two foolish friends. You’re giving away free stuff and people flock to your porch, right?  Not always.  There are some ungrateful bastards out there.

The coffee table got lots of interest, and I wasn’t into giving it away initally so I just ignored all the requests for it until it was clear that I really had to let it go.  It sat for about two years on my porch until I realized that having a sharp, steel table around babies was a bad idea.  Then last week when we moved the couch onto the porch for someone to pick it up, the table was relegated to the driveway.  I looked out the window one night after a huge thunderstorm and I felt horrible.  I didn’t want it to suffer needlessly through all the rain that has plagued us for weeks so I finally gave it to some Craigslist dude who clearly knew how valuable this table was as he picked it up almost immediately.  Sniff, sniff.

The loveseat, the flowery number up there absolutely had to go.  Our house is pretty eccentric and there is no room for a couch like that in this place.  The only reason it stayed so long was because it had a sweet twin bed in it that my Aunt Yoli slept in every time she stayed over. We also kept it covered with an Indian patterned sheet to camouflage its true identity.

The sofa was ancient but incredibly comfortable.  It’s an Ikea Ektorp sofa and a full sleeper rolled up into one cozy package.  This sofa belonged to my friend Geoff’s parents who gave it to us right before they moved out West.  We were still huge garbage pickers at the time and were thankful that we knew the owners of the couch instead of having to trash pick an item like this.  Many things happen on couches that no one wants to know about, right?  At least an Ektorp has a removable, washable cover and we knew the previous owners.

So many people wanted this sofa yet no one came to pick it up.  I had responses coming in from both Freecycle and Craigslist (I posted it in the Free section) and time and again, the pickup fell through.  I even got into an email volley with some crazy man who worked at the Marina and emailed me at least nine times a day, only to not show up at the scheduled time after three days of emailing back and forth.  Being the Queens, New Yorker that I am, it was very difficult to craft an email that would convey my frustration yet not sound as though I wanted to clock him with my brass knuckles for disrupting my attempts at green living and recycling.  I finally settled on this email:

You had been in touch all morning and afternoon about this couch. You said you were coming to pick up. I took time out of my schedule to return every email and I stayed home from 3 o clock onwards, all for a couch I am getting no money for. If you decided not to take the couch, at least have the courtesy to inform me.

Two days later he countered with:

when we were in touch the other afternoon i requested your phone number so i could call you when i was outside.  I never recieved a number and I was outside of your house.

Okay…I emailed him back, told him I’d given him my number and asked why he hadn’t rung the bell and POOF, the guy’s a ghost.

Needless to say, the couch was eventually picked up by a lovely Freecycler and that leads me back to my original thought.  Thanks for hanging in there…If you’re on Freecycle and someone chooses you to pick up their junk, hop right into your Prius or whatever and get the beep over there without delay!

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06_lamp_ksf copy 

This lamp is only 4 years old and still in style.

It is a bit tall it measures 24 inches. My kids keep knocking it over.

Comes with shade – It has a small ornate glass piece towards the top of the lamp, very nice. I have to get rid of it before hubby throws away.

this lamp works fine, very top piece is slightly bent, any strong guy could bend it back.

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Check out this jokester.  Now you gotta sing for your supper to get his free stuff.  I gotta say though, he really makes it fun because as we all know…nothing but Dullsville here in Freecycle Land, right?

  • Hello Fellow free Cyclers>>>>>>
    We have a Radius 15 Inch LCD color flat screen monitor
    up for the taking>>>>>
    Model # Radius S-3F  It will need a power cord.  DC 12.0V 3.3A

             The first person to say>>>>>

             “Sam I am…… I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham”

             Can have it!!!!!

             Have a safe and fun re-cycling day!!!


  • We have a Linksys Wireless Router 2.4 but we do not have the power cord for it.Say CHEEEEEEZE………… and its yours!!!!!


  • Hello Fellow FreeCyclers…We have a large… commercial size black ink only printer….about the size youd see in Office Max.  also 2 toner cartridges to go with it.This printer was working fine until I moved it….and now I cant get it to turn back on.  It comes in two pieces… the top is the printer…
    and the bottom is the storage base with wheels.The first person to correctly answer this question…..can have it>>>>


    How much wood….LOL…..

    Could a woodchuck chuck…lol

    if a woodchuck….lol

    Could chuck lol


    Have fun and Re-Cycle!!!!!

    Happy dads day to all you Dada… and Grand Dads too!!!!

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What are these people up to?

  • I’m looking for a large stash of 8.5×11 office paper that’s been used on one side
  • Dead or alive….. A 16 inch gas chain saw.
  • I am in need of auto paint enough to paint a van Thanks
  • Cleaning out my three kids. Large bag of small animals, cars, people, etc. New stuff to amuse your kids during the loooong summer days to come. Porch pick up.

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We’re expanding our previous posting, “Not a Germophobe?” and giving it its own category here at Freakcycle because, well, because some people just don’t have a line to be crossed.  No boundaries, no personal space, and dare I say…no common sense.  These are the “toothbrush sharers”, “chewing gum (used, of course) givers”, “underwear borrowers”, I can go on and on.  Don’t we all have one of these special people in our life?   We should all be so lucky.

Hi. I have cherrios cereal 3boxes, 1 is unopened, other 2 are open, please pick between 9am to 1pm,if any body needs it pl,tell me day&time,thanks
Thanks Mel, for sending this in!

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