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WANTED: working bull horn in rxd bxxk====Working bull horn for outdoor events that does not have to
be plugged into anything to operate, but will amplify voices.


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WANTED: CD-Anyone have a cd for hypnotic weight loss?.  Gained some weight over the winter and have no will power.

“You are getting very skinny, you are getting verrrry skinny…at the sound of my voice, your fat cells will dissipate like dandelion seeds in the wind”.

Get up off your duff, you lazy potato-chip eating doofus and drop and give me fifty.

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Image by dalechumbley
  • ok #freecycle people — driving across town for 2 used sippy cups is not “green”. You can #recycle those, now! Do that. #sheesh- by jesuismoi
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: jazz pants
  • I’d just like to state for the record that Freecycle is magical. People will take ANYTHING as long as it’s free.- by MetalMo
  • Gotta love Mattoon’s Freecycle Yahoo Group. Someone is wanting to give away a Horse. #fb- by EvanCourtney
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] OFFER: Chicken Manure
  • [Missoula-Freecycle] TAKEN: Old charcoal
  • Really doesn’t want to Freecycle her computer desk to someone who types entirely in capitals – is that wrong of me? ;)- by cybermule

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Image by Nicora

WANTED: The BlackBerry Curve 8530 phone

Date: June 7, 2010 1:02:12 PM EDT

Hi. This is a long shot but looking for a BlackBerry Curve 8530 phone. I have the Storm & it is not working good & would like to switch to a Curve phone. Please email me!! Thank you!

Saw the post above and thought, hmmm, maybe we should save this one for our “Choosy Beggars” category and so I set it aside.  What makes this one worthy of that fine distinction is that they are asking for a specific and fairly new model BlackBerry.  Most Freecyclers with their feet firmly planted on terra firma a.k.a. reality will usually word their request as follows (these are all actual FC posts we saved):

  • WANTED: ATT cell phone- dog ate mine-UGH!!


  • WANTED: Sprint Cell Phone- Hello,I am in need of a Sprint cell phone.  My Blackberry fell off the sink into the, you got it, the toilet!!  I didnot have the insurance on it.  If anyone has a Sprint phone they are no longer using, please please, let me know.  I will put it to good use and never leave it in the bathroom again!!  Thanks for looking….

A bit dramatic yes, maybe even stretching the truth but like we’ve mentioned on Freakcycle before, sob stories work on us, the gullible Freecylers that we are.

Why did we post the time on that Curve phone request?  Because a couple of hours after posting their first WANTED, they came back with the one below.  A BlackBerry Storm is just as good as the Curve even when “it is not working good”, right? Solution…Bling blao…bling it out.

WANTED:Rhinestone/any cool blackberry storm 9530 phone covers. :

Date: June 7, 2010 3:20:56 PM EDT

Hi I’m looking for a rhinestone phone cover for my Blackberry Storm. If u have any other cool storm phone covers that will be good too. Email me please! Thanks!

Brilliant (not a pun).

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Image by Abraxas3d

Freecycle’s mission is simple.  Recycling and re-purposing by putting stuff in other people’s hands to keep it out of the landfills and give said objects another life.  We here at Freakcycle are approaching our one-year anniversary.  We remain steadfast in our mission to find the strangest and/or most bizarre posts we can in the Freecycle Network.

We are amazed to report officially, that the greed has outnumbered the kook and that our Choosy Beggars category is filled to capacity.  If we were Twitter, you’d see the whale.  Dime a dozen, these lurkers and opportunists on Freecycle who in lieu of asking for something, go way above and beyond in their efforts to annoy the crap out of us by being greedy, picky, nit-picky bastards.

Hang in there for a moment and picture this scenario…not only are we humble do-gooders expected to add to the Freecycle horn of plenty, we become photographers, loan officers, and delivery personnel. What a wonderful life.

As one of our Fans of Freakcycle put it…It’s Freecycle people, not Dear Santa!

As we mentioned, our cup overfloweth. (Is that a word?  The Great Brain says no, but it stays) This is Part 1.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Here are a few submissions which have left us with our jaws hanging open.

WANTED: See List –
looking for patio furniture with umbrella, outside glider,bigger size
charcoal grill,2 mens mountain bikes,or one womans,one mans,size 5
womans pants long, or capris,summer clothes,macrama or any kind of
hanging plant holders to hang plants in window, recliner,outside lawn
decorations,working laptop.Thank You.

WANTED: Night Stand / End Table-
I’m looking for a night stand or end table for my daughter’s room. It would have to be real wood so I can
paint it to match the rest of her room. No particle board please?
That’s what hers was and I’ve decided I’m done with particle board
furniture! 🙂
If possible could you send pics of what you have?            Thanks to Suzanne for submitting via FOF.

WANTED: My husband recently lost his job and does not qualify for
unemployment, We have very little income with one person working, and
6 children to support.

We were behind in our rent 530 dollars but got it caught up by 230 now
we owe 300, I talked to my landlord to see if I can make a payment
arrangement, But that isnt allowed, So here I am, Trying not to look
like a begger, Asking for anyone to help us!! Please if anyone out
there can help we will be forever grateful!!

We rent our apartment in lewiston maine through a property management
company, If anyone can grant our wish you can either send a money
order directly to me, Or a money order or check directly to my landlord!!

Thank you all so much!!!

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays God Bless

I wanted to update and let everyone know, I have contacted all the
churches and agencies everywhere in my area, and apparently the
funding isnt there, So im praying and hoping my family can find a hero
or heroes to help us!!

Landlords Information:
Make checks or Money orders to:
Thanks to Laura for submitting via our Submissions page.

WANTED: Boxes for moving-My fiance and I are moving out of the great capital area and back down state. If anyone has any boxes they can spare for us, I’d appreciate it. I would say this is more of a need then a want. We’ve got to be out this saturday. Right now my fiance is working and he has the only running vehicle. So i would kindly ask if you can bring the boxes here. I’m in ***** off Central ave near the ***** plaza. And also… I’m pregnant and can’t do heavly lifting, since we’ve only been in the area a few short months, we don’t know anyone. So if we could get 2 people to help load a u-haul saturday… It would only take 2 MAYBE 3 hours tops out of your day we’d greatly appreciate it. I know it’s asking alot all at once. But we have to be out by this saturday night. Thank you in advanced. Please email me and I can give you more info.”

and here is Dove-Tail Doris (as we’ve affectionally named her) again:

WANTED: Need double dresser or smaller for me, mens dresser or armour, two side tables, queen bed not necesary but nice,
would appreciate med. or light wood in decent shape with dove tail drawers, I have a decent set but its tooo tooo big, will freecycle if I get a replacement.
Thanks for the consideration, I realize its a tall order.
thanks again.

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image by castle 79

All right wisenheimers, next offer I get for snow, I’ll request it, go to your house, ring the bell and hit you with a snowball.

  • OFFER: Snow-We have plenty of extra snow. In our yard, on our cars, on our bushes. Good quality snowman snow! Clean, no yellow spots, and it’s all yours if you want it, especially off the driveway and walkway! Let me know if you are interested. Any takers?
  • OFFER: snow 150 cubic feet, in new condition. I’ll leave it on my sidewalk
  • OFFER: SNOW! Lots of snow!
  • OFFER:I have lots and lots of snow available for immediate pick up. I’m not talking fake snow, this is 100% genuine. Do not worry if you can not respond immediately, I think there is plenty for quite a few interested parties
  • OFFER: Snow. Located in Rosedale. You haul. I have tons, so don’t worry about someone beating you out. You’ll be thanking me for this come summer! 🙂

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Why is hair okay when it’s attached to someone’s head but not okay when it is hanging out  the back of someone’s pilly sweater or  wrapped around an elastic band?   I get skeeved out finding my own hair in the drain and so does everyone else in my family.  My hair grows like a weed and continuously has to regenerate itself…not my fault, ok?  But this post is not about me and my magic hair nor is it about Sir Donald Trump’s mangy rug although it could have been, given today’s blog title.  

 The hair entry, naturally won last week’s Freak of the Week.  Of course it did.  Hair is gross.  End of story.

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