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Happy Halloween


WANTED: Animal Mask-Hello-Looking for a full-head animal mask, preferably a fox or a wolf mask but any animal or halloween mask should be ok….just not one of those “scary” masks with an eye hanging out. It is for an art project. I can pick up any time and anywhere there is a subway. Thanks!


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No posting last night as we were too busy doing what we do best.  Mischief night is way better than Halloween.  We’ll take chaos over candy any time.

We know what you like.  Some Freakcycle mayhem for you. What follows is a harvest banquet of foolishness.  All these posts were received yesterday.

  • OFFER: Down Bed Topper- Please read description carefully!!  We had this down-filled Queen sized mattress topper in our RV for the past 2 years and we got invaded by mice this past year! There are spots of mouse urine staining here and there but overall, they did not really do that much damage. I was going to throw it out but there is plenty of great down feathers inside that have not been touched that could be used for stuffing other pillows or stuffed animals or for craft projects.  Anyone want to use it or cut it up for the stuffing, please come get it anytime! Thanks.
  • OFFER: Broom- Used broom. Please state date and time of preferred pick up. Easy front porch pick up.Thanks
  • from same person: OFFER: Used sponge mop in good condition- No longer use sponge mop. Previously used, but still has a lot of life left in it!
    Please state date and time of preferred pick up. Easy front porch pick up. Thanks.
  • OFFER: Biomet bone growth stimulator- Hi all, We are offering a Biomet EBI Bone Healing System (Model No. 2001). I used this briefly following a foot surgery in 2009. It is complete, with full instructions, carrying case, charger, and power cord. This bone stimulator does NOT need to be used with transducer gel.PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR RESALE!!! PLEASE ONLY REQUEST THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT PERSONALLY.Some product information:

    -EBI is the original developer and leading provider of bone growth stimulators
    -Introduced in 1979 as a noninvasive alternative or adjunct to surgery
    -Indicated for nonunion fractures, failed fusions and congenital pseudarthrosis
    -FLX® Flexible Treatment Coil is placed directly over fracture site
    -Produces impulses called Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) which can help grow bone and heal fractures

    -May heal fractures earlier
    -Does not require surgery
    -Has been prescribed by over 25,000 surgeons
    -A safe and painless device worn externally over the fracture site
    -Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use
    -May be worn during normal daily routine or while sleeping
    -Cost-effective treatment
    -Healing may occur earlier when the EBI Bone Healing System® is worn for the recommended 10 hours per day*

    -The EBI Bone Healing System® is the most widely studied bone growth stimulator
    Over 250 clinical papers published, demonstrating successful patient outcomes
    Over 300 basic science research studies published supporting EBIs proprietary PEMF signal as an effective method for promoting the healing of fractures

    We live just off of Route 34, about 1/4 mile south of Lloyd Road. Please reply with a pickup time – THE SOONEST CONFIRMED PICKUP GETS FIRST DIBS! If you can’t commit to a time to pick up, please don’t ask me to hold anything.


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  • “wanted watford owl, kestrel, hawk” Freecycle never disappoints.- by filiphnizdo
  • @jakepjohnson @lgladdy @JosephTipping On FreeCycle – “OFFER: Pair of workmates”. Might try and get rid of you lot the same way- Chutzpah84
  • It’s amazing what people offer on Freecycle. African land snails anyone?- by suellewellyn
  • @dannynorthphoto Piano ,wow your freecycle is a lot better than mine, we only get stuff like urinary drainage bags!-by silverbomber
  • My favourite freecycle post ever – “OFFER: 2 Items of Driftwood with a 1 Taxidermied Tarantula attached (Antrim)”- by dt_ni
  • Pending message we just rejected on #FreeCycle in Lowell: 51 year old male, 5’5 ‘ 140lbs, offering a free date. Any females interested.- by cottage14

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We had a posting error a few hours ago.  It seems our blogs cross-pollinated.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Neti? Set? No!

OFFER: netti pot (Xxxth st.) i hope this isnt a gross offer but i have a netti pot in perfect condition. now i have used it a couple of times but i would think a good washing would rid it of any cooties (but i dont have cooties….).

pick up near Xxxth st. x/x/X/C.


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WANTED: Wizerd of Oz things -in need of any wizerd of oz things for a deer friend. feel free to e- mail me at xxxxx04###@yahoo. com or call me at ###-####


Thanks to Francine for sending to us via SUBMISSIONS

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OFFER: Can of worms- Started some renovation work in the basement. The contractor told me I had a can of worms down there. I don’t need a can of worms. Quick pick up please.


Shut your mouth now, haters.  Yes, this is a real Freecycle post.  A gift from the gods, right in my inbox.  Don’t question the authority.

Okay, I know it’s weird.  It’s probably the strangest post I’ve seen to date and I’ve seen quite a bit.

Why would anyone have a can of worms in their basement?  Who are the most likely suspects in Freakcycle’s opinion, you ask?  Could it be:


a. a half-assed fisherman?

b. a band of basement moles?  (huh?)

c. a tiny subterranean gnome who composts?

d. What are little boys made of? What are little boys made of? Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails, that’s what little boys are made of.  (nope, no mention of worms in that poem)


Downright stumped.  Gimme your thoughts.  Just don’t tell me it’s fake ’cause I’ll whoop yo’ ass with the slimy can.

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