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Subject please help me get some furniture, able to refinish/fix up
Location rxxxxxxxr, xx

Hello, Without disclosing too much, i am going through a really ugly and sudden divorce. The man in which i was married to is hiding any assets that we acquired over the years. He has left me without a dime and even took the bedroom set. My 2 year old and i are now forced to move because he kindly put a stop payment on my rent check which all of my money went towards last month so i have now received an eviction notice. (You know any child and cat friendly places?) I have been looking different places to try to acquire my own things so hopefully my son and i can get back on our feet and rebuild our lives. However, as of now it feels a little bleak. Sorry for the ramble. If anyone has any bedroom set, frame, bureaus, dvd player (my son is losing it without non-stop toy story)end table (mainly bedroom stuff), couches or other household items that are not currently being used i would feel privledged to have them. It is extremely difficult to rebuild when you are in it alone and it is unexpected. Thank you very much for reading my post. If you do not have anything like this but feel the need to man bash, im your girl:) Thanks again, 

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Subject: Papier Maché Moose Head

Location: Wxxxxxy Rxxxe

Description: Home made moose head free to good home. As much fun as making the moose was he just doesn’t fit in my new place and so he has to move on, I’d really rather not throw him out. Either someone as odd as me might like him or perhaps a drama group needing props? He’s quite big but is easy enough to mount on the wall. Photo included because otherwise no one would believe me.

Thanks to @oliverfaulkner for posting via Twitter

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Arrgh.  No funny Freecycle jokes running through our fine ship of fools.  Thank you to our faithful freakruits who continuously send us posts and keep us afloat.  We appreciate it so much because it gives us a reason to keep on keeping on even when the well is dry and the inspiration is not coming.

Ain’t that a bitch?  On the heels of “Waah Waah Week” and we’re the biggest llorones (español for crybabies…we’re still educational though, ain’t we?).

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WANTED: Lucite Cane-

Hi, I am 35 weeks pregnant,but,like with my son,am carrying a very heavy baby (7lbs 1oz so far!)So she is putting strain and pain in my knee and pelvis-the dr suggested buying or borrowing a cane,but I can’t afford one right now-anyone have a fashionable or clear/lucite cane they are willing to part with-I promise it will go to very good use!!
Thank you-
Liz and family (united states navy-submarine family)
Located in manhattan

At 35 weeks pregnant, can you even see the goddamn cane, lucite or not? One or two weeks more , baby out, and then the cane is gone.

I’m about to beat you over the head (don’t worry, only the head, just one or two times, no biggie…the baby’ll be allright).

RANT N’ RAVE RUN-ON SENTENCE ALERT- I’m about to beat some sense into you with my old man wooden cane all the while grumbling like an old man would when he beats someone because it’s perfectly acceptable at that age to take your frustrations out in a physical manner and no one calls the cops.

There…I’ve just beaten a pregnant woman in my mind like a psychotic octogenarian. Could I stoop any lower?

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WANTED: Digital or any Camera,Also Any Equipment
Desperate; Need a camera badly! I’m disabled photographer/artist who recently had all my photo equipment cameras,lens etc computer destroyed in a huge flood and fire don’t know how I’m going to replace any if I have non to work with,I’m supposed to have a show exhibit this year but with no equipment????? Thanks

Sad photographers seem to be the theme of this year’s “Waah Waah Week”  This came in just yesterday and it makes Monday’s post seem like a walk in the park, albeit without a camera but I digress.

What is it with artists and their lot?  Given a gift but cursed for a lifetime.  Van Gogh and the ear, Frida and her failing body, Francis Bacon with his asthma and a suicidal lover, I can go on and on. Good God, gonna have to go to Costco for the tissues. Huge flood AND fire. It just isn’t fair.  It’s not. Sniff.

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Visualize if you will, a melancholy tourist in the city that never sleeps, without her camera; a transient who Freecycles in search of a picture-box before she boards her plane to Cuckooville.

Are the tears coming yet?  I am using my powers of good to reach out to all through our blog.  Please help this woman…and while you’re at it, if you see a  half-opened box of tissues on Freecycle, let me know.  I’m in search of one, having gone through my own box already.

WANTED: Digital Camera (any location)

Lost my camera again…feel sad….
Wonder anybody would rtn to me ?????
Being working for my air ticket, now one more thing has to worry…
Got to leave NY soon………….If u hv extra, pls………tks
vxxxxt xxx xxx xxxx

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