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  • Someone just posted on freecycle: wether. Don’t know if they are offering or seeking a wethered goat/sheep. If it’s not of the ruminant variety, go outside you fool. Weather is free no matter where you go, whether you like it or not. @freakcycle– by resident_hippie
  • The crazy pitiful shit I hear on Freecycle never ceases to amaze me. Either that group is inhabited by the unluckiest SOBs or the craziest.- by misangela
  • I just saw “want: large vibrator” hit the slc #freecycle list. WTF???- by amurderofcrows
  • Someone on my local Freecycle group just asked for a Camaro. I don’t think they get the idea behind “free-cycling”.- AllenIsTweeting
  • Freecycle Offer: 2 blue kiddy pools. Freecycle Offer: 2 blue kiddy pools Both have small holes or cracks in the bottom but will hold water if you stack them together. They’d be great for sand or other non-leaky substances. Jello, creamed corn, mac&cheese?-by oldliteguard
  • Request posted on Freecycle today: “Desperately need overhead grow lights for marijuana.”- AmyThe Thompson
  • Just saw this posting on Freecycle — “OFFER – fuzzy bed for a fancy rat – Joppa – 21085” What exactly is a fancy rat?-by Shannon Brennan
  • Someone on freecycle wants a Pre-School Matt. I have a Pre-School Gavin, but he’s not available.- by Cranky Dragon
  • Gotta love Freecycle – Wanted: Bullet Proof Vest.- by Seidhr
  • Posted on Freecycle: Just need a gate to surround,garden << Needs to be a long f’in gate luv.- by zadmarsh
  • I love Freecycle. Hi, I have crap. “Can I have your crap?” Yes, come take it! ::Crap gone.::- by katenev

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From a neighborhood in the DFW Metroplex:

WANTED: female peacock

Lonely male wanders the woods behind my house calling out. Day and night. The 2 females that used to be with him disappeared. If you have a female or two he would be most happy.

Thanks to EcoMeg who submitted via Twitter

Freakcycle says…lots of males would be happy with a female or two.

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Freakcycle’s full of bite today.  We’re pissy and cranky and the grabbyhands are gonna get the short end of the stick.

GREEDO #1WANTED: 50″ LCD T.V (Stockton-on-tees)

I am looking for a 50″ LCD. T.V must be new and working prefrably with a sky+ H.D box.

FREAKCYCLE– Must be new and working.  Hmmm.  How about you get to working since you want that burger with all the fixins?  Here’s what you get on Freecycle. Grandma’s 27″ tube TV or an older Sylvania 13″ TV/VCR combo with remote (the VCR part does NOT work), and if you’re super lucky  and the gods are smiling down on you, then a small Hitachi LCD with a cracked screen.

Thanks to Sophia for sending this to us via SUBMISSIONS

GREEDO #2WANTED: sunfish sailboat w/trailer if possible
I’m looking for a light, recreational sailboat to sail the ocean bay with! I’ve been looking for a boat for months.

FREAKCYCLEI’m looking for a light, aluminum bat to knock some sense into you. I’d like to drink Coronas on the deck of some recreational something or other in the middle of the South Pacific but if you’ve been looking for months, did you think it would magically appear like a pod of dolphins swimming alongside said sailboat?  The dolphins would of course (since we’re dreaming in Technicolor) lead you to the bevy of beautiful mermaids who’ve been alone on a desert island just waiting for you to drop by on your Freecycled craft and ravish them.

Thanks to Q for sending this to us via SUBMISSIONS

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WANTED: Camaro – Farmington

I need a new car and I’m thinking I want a Camaro. I’ve been doing some checking and I want an orange 1994 T-top.

If you have one your not using let me know. I don’t want to spend any money on it, so it has to be in excellent condition, both in appearance and running.

Get with me ASAP because I have a class reunion next week and I’d like to have it by then. XXXXXX@XXX.com

Thanks to Allen for sending this in via our SUBMISSIONS page.

As we’ve mentioned, some Freecycle networks still allow posting a want for a car. Hope that trend continues because Freakcycle likes to see everyone’s dream come true.

In that spirit, we’d like to wish this person much luck in his  free and in-mint condition Camaro search on Freecycle and we offer him a few lesser known facts about Chevy’s top pony-car so he’ll have something to talk about at the reunion as he is showing off his baby.

  • Though the car’s name was contrived with no meaning, General Motors researchers found the word in a French dictionary as a slang term for “friend” or “companion.” Ford Motor Company researchers discovered other definitions, including “a shrimp-like creature” and an arcane term for “loose bowels”!

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WANTED: Electric guitar amp- Hi i am looking for an electric guitar amp seeing as I have blown mine out any size will do just looking for something to jam with thank you all

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  • OFFERED Giant Madagascar Cockroaches – My sons cockroaches have been bad we now have three to give to new homes…” <-yuck! #freecycle-artytypes
  • Great Freecycle typo for foot massager: “due to several no shoes, i am reoffering this foot massager…”by briny
  • Someone on #freecycle is offering free hot wheels plastic tracks to anyone and all I can think is #grandmawhoopedmewith those. Oh lawd.- by ComedianSonnyG
  • Strange Freecycle Offer of the Week: Shock Absorber Bra (36D), Dulwich.- by Clapham_Ed
  • Hah – just seen an offer on freecycle of an electric ice scraper. I didn’t even realise they did electric ones – how lazy is that??- by swirlyarts
  • Hey freecycle ignoramus, your dogs R barking b/c they’re in a kennel all day. No-bark collars won’t fix prob. How about interacting w/ them?- by resident_hippie
  • @lizzibooonetsy The curb: Like Freecycle but you don’t have to make a listing :)-by starlessclay
  • #freecycle pick of the day: “Wanted, large guilt frame”- by greythorne

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Submitted by Lisa Martin and I am reposting her whole experience in its entirety because it’s just so silly.  Think this person may have swiveled so much in his chair that his brains got dizzy.  We like Lisa’s response at the end.

Lisa Martin:  Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I thought I would return the favour and tell you about my recent Freakcycle experience (Evesham & Pershore Freecycle, UK)…

Ad (Fri 12th Feb 2010):

OFFER: Swivel wheeled office chair
Fully functional swivel office chair with arms. Upholstery needs minor attention. Rest of chair is excellent. Black frame, muted red and grey fabric.

LM: (Tues 16th Feb):
Hi I was wondering if the office chair is still available? I am going to start working from home and need to set up a home office. This would be a great start. My boyfriend can pick up tonight (Tuesday) or Thursday.
Thanks, Lisa :)

Freakcycler (Thurs 18th Feb):
Dear Lisa,
Pardon that I’ve not responded until now. A “moving-house” tornado has rather overtaken us, but at the last minute we decided to keep the office chair, and the shredder is gone. The truth is that I would strongly suggest that you get a cross-cut shredder. The strip- cut variety is not only rather insecure, but the actual strips are very bulky, and do not pack well at all.

Sorry for the delay in responding. We’ve moved into a house and BT has just told us it would cost over 10,000 pounds to get a phone connection!!! There are no connections remaining in the small village we are in, and we would need to pay to run a cable to the nearest exchange, 5 miles away. We’ve found an Internet Cafe about 6 miles away…. Ooops!


[Notes: I didn’t even mention the shredder – I guess he had another ad on Freecycle. Why is he giving me advice on shredders? Why is he telling me his life story? Why does he call himself “MidAtlantian”?!]

LM (Thurs 18th Feb):
Hi “MidAtlantian”,
Thank you for your very detailed response. I have now got another office chair from someone else on Freecycle, so it’s not a problem that you decided to keep yours. Enjoy swivelling on it.

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