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Mining Twitter for Freecycle kookonauts but the well runs a bit dry.  No matter. Press rewind.

  • This just came up on Freecycle. WHAT?!- by mrjamieeast

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  • About to stick some junk on freecycle. Instead feel like I should be setting up a justgiving page for this guy- by katediamond
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  • Latest favourite Freecycle – anyone got a Goat for good times? I bloody love Cornwall. – by Silver_Waters

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I had a dream last night that I’d developed a line of hamster products called “Petit Hamster Life”.  I had hamster habitats, wheels, toys, pellet foods and bedding, all emblazoned with a sweet and adorable logo of a hamster wearing a purple beret. My products were flying out of the pet stores and I couldn’t keep up with the demand and was feeling a bit stressed, I remember.

Visionary stuff, I know.  Don’t try and steal my idea or I’ll kidnap you and trap you in a human-sized critter habitat I’ve made just for thieves and charlatans.

This Freecycle post is making me consider expanding my line to include gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, and yes, even hedgehogs.

OFFER: toy making kit for hedgehog-

Thanks to clemencywright for turning us on to this offer via Twitter

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OFFER:  “Blues Clues makes noise but no batteries”

When this post was submitted, my first thought was that the blue puppy might be possessed like my old pal Chucky so we almost titled it “Boos Clues”  but after the third cup of coffee, just as I was pouring the Kahlua in (kidding, I’m kidding) I said, “Ha, funny Freecycle mama’s dipping in the sauce and the toys are talking”.

I’ve been there, mama so I’m not judging.  Raising my coffee cup to you right now. Cheers!

Thanks to Gardenwife for submitting via Twitter.

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Subject: Papier Maché Moose Head

Location: Wxxxxxy Rxxxe

Description: Home made moose head free to good home. As much fun as making the moose was he just doesn’t fit in my new place and so he has to move on, I’d really rather not throw him out. Either someone as odd as me might like him or perhaps a drama group needing props? He’s quite big but is easy enough to mount on the wall. Photo included because otherwise no one would believe me.

Thanks to @oliverfaulkner for posting via Twitter

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  • That’s interesting, Camilla Parker Bowels is after a staple gun on freecycle…- by SirGungey
  • A girl asked for a copy of Catch-22 on the Somerville FreeCycle email list I’m on. I sent her the hours for the library. Kids these days!- by BrendanJKearney
  • @Fearnecotton try offering an air guitar on local freecycle,see how many fools ask for it- by jimmybosun
  • Freecycle lolz: ‘Wanted: Bikes looking for bikes.- by Diazzzz
  • Scary news on Freecycle: I may have to consider moving <Wanted: I’m looking for a lockable Shotgun Cabinet (2 or 3 gun capacity) >- by andy_bee

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Ok, maybe the photo is a bit of an innuendo but imagine our dilemma in trying to keep this rated PG-13.

Yes, this little prize was obtained via Twitter so don’t kill the messenger. We bring you the posts we’re dealt and you can decide whether to fall out of your chair laughing in a combination of mirth and disgust or you can shake your head in disbelief.

I think we did both…in that order.

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Subject: A Glow in the dark Dildo

Location: Hxxxxxxs xxxxxh

Description: This is a glow in the dark dildo, only used twice and is battery powered, worth £50 its been used twice as I said but I now have a bigger black 1.

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A couple of these are from last week.  We had our hand giveaway last Friday so we saved them for today’s FTOTW.
  • Gotta love what ppl offer on Freecycle – 25 yr old gilette razor blades…hope the lucky new owner has their tetanous shot!- by HeidiKikoler
  • #NYC & beyond: Know of anyone crafty/artsy that might have use for 200+ expired (unopened, course) condoms? #freecycle?- by adjoasankofia
  • Freecycle is little more than dreams deferred, plus a few liquid painkillers every now and then.- by sjbarlament
  • Freecycle gems: “Wanted: 50cc Scooter” ‘so he can get to work and get around’. What does he think everyone else does?- by lucullus
  • Damn, gave away a wifi PCI card on Freecycle 4 years; now discover I need one. More evidence for my wife that hoarding stuff _is_ good.- by oceanclub

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