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Oh Lordy Lord Lord, have I died and gone to heaven?  This person lives in our very own Toxic State and my heart is bursting with pride.

Here are a few of his posts.  Every night when I lay my head and say my prayers, I respectfully request that another post from this gentleman make its way into my inbox.

We’ve just appointed him mayor of our “What’s He Building In There?” category. You can just call him the Real Old Model.


WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn-  Electric meat grinder- I am in need of an electric meat grinder as I am getting a lot of venison that I need go grind. Thanks Barry

WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn-  carbeurator for wheel horse tiller- needed carberator for wheel horse tiller. thanks Barry the real old model

WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn- tatto equipment- I know that this is a long shot, but i’m looking for tatto equipment. I want to leave my mark on someone. Thanks


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Since summer is almost upon us, Freakcycle’s doing some spring cleaning before we throw on the swimsuits and doggy-paddle with the jellyfish.

We have loads of submissions and are constantly weeding through them and trying to find a place for them on the blog.  We thank all of you who have submitted posts and assure you that we read every single one and squirrel them away like the hoarders that we are, all the while hoping to use them for future posts.

Since we have a heat wave upon us, we thought we’d feature a post that would make you feel as though you were standing on a frozen tundra eating a popsicle. This was sent in last year by Bernadette via the SUBMISSIONS page. Although the post itself features a freezer, you must view the link below to get the full cooling effect.

So much of this post intrigues us. First, I love that they call it a freeze machine. It sounds like a villain’s secret torture chamber for a caped crusader…or maybe that is my comic book geekiness coming through. When I first read the post I thought it read that they ruined the freezer with a pick axe…but maybe that was my dyslexia coming through. I’m an incurable dork really…and I’m positive that that’s coming through loud and clear right about now.

If you don’t believe that, then try this one on ice, courtesy of Herr Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRH-Ywpz1_I

Thanks for submitting, Bernadette!


I have a Kenmore freeze Machine working in good condition…

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“I can’t help thinking that this would be a better world if everyone would listen to me”– Lucy Van Pelt.  Don’t worry Lucy, we always listen to you, and if you still have your psychiatrist’s booth, we have a new patient for you.

OFFER: bags of concrete-Mxxxxxxxxn- These were bags of concrete that got left in the yard and of course when they got wet they turned solid. Can be used as steppers in yard or broken up and used for decorating garden maybe? There are at least 10 of these.

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WANTED: Koi fish and pump for large pond in Jxxxxxn (Thank you)-Just getting my koi pond ready but need some fish and a large heavy duty pond pump.
Need fishing rods and supplies Will be taking a bunch of kids for fishing for the first time.Thank you

Koi needed? Kids fishing for the FIRST time?

Um, where I come from we call this “shooting fish in a barrel”.  No disappointment here for the young ‘uns and look at the right beeeyoooootiful fish you caught…and so big! Wow Junior, you’re a natural.

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Freakcycle as you already know, embraces the strange.  Heck, we’d even venture to say that we’d like to hold it in a death grip if we could.  People who say strange things, like in this next post are our very favorite.  We like it when the motive for strangeness is obscured or enveloped in a haze of non-sensical jibber-jabber.  Take that last sentence, for example…HUH?  Exactly our point.

We introduce another category for our bizarre bazaar—“What’s He Building In There?”.  This will be the repository for all those Freecycle posts that hint at the possibility of a mad scientist, carpenter, or some other crafty freak at work.  People asking for glycerin by-products, old hen houses, and yes, sometimes even a hammer.  That hammer post was what gave us the idea for the new category. That and of course, one of our favorite oddballs, Tom Waits.

WANTED: 4 egg, egg poacher.
Please it must not smell like the cellar thanks
I have a 2 egg pocher for the microwave the egg gets too rubbery.

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What are these people up to?

  • I’m looking for a large stash of 8.5×11 office paper that’s been used on one side
  • Dead or alive….. A 16 inch gas chain saw.
  • I am in need of auto paint enough to paint a van Thanks
  • Cleaning out my three kids. Large bag of small animals, cars, people, etc. New stuff to amuse your kids during the loooong summer days to come. Porch pick up.

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I’m exploring soapmaking with the excess glycerin from biodiesel production. I’d prefer some with the methanol removed already.

I anticipate making laundry and dish soap, engine cleaner, and the like – probably not suitable for skin.

Will share the fruits of my labor when I achieve success!

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