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Oh Lordy Lord Lord, have I died and gone to heaven?  This person lives in our very own Toxic State and my heart is bursting with pride.

Here are a few of his posts.  Every night when I lay my head and say my prayers, I respectfully request that another post from this gentleman make its way into my inbox.

We’ve just appointed him mayor of our “What’s He Building In There?” category. You can just call him the Real Old Model.


WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn-  Electric meat grinder- I am in need of an electric meat grinder as I am getting a lot of venison that I need go grind. Thanks Barry

WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn-  carbeurator for wheel horse tiller- needed carberator for wheel horse tiller. thanks Barry the real old model

WANTED: Exxxxxxxxxn- tatto equipment- I know that this is a long shot, but i’m looking for tatto equipment. I want to leave my mark on someone. Thanks


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image by Nereski
  • I have seen a lot of ads on Freecycle giving away Toyota floor mats. DIY is *not* the solution to automobile recalls, people!- by cymerin
  • Freecycle only has extremes..either people are looking for iPods and netbooks or they are giving away fake tattoos and broken lightbulbs-by hatemachine
  • Just had a go on a trampoline I got off Freecycle.  God I’m fat! Loved how my dad walked off it limping-by Bethhy
  • @5hectic apparently the Magic Bullet is a blender, not a vibrator. That Freecycle post is not as weird as I initially thought- by antsy
  • @chopperdave12 Who? the Freecycle hippies? There are groups all over and I’m SURE they have one for Asheville. Dirty hippies! BAH! 😉 by misangela

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