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1044567_10152965751700521_744101945_nJupiter and Chicken just the day before

From sheep to cats.  Sigh.

There was no post yesterday because we woke up to an emergency situation.  In my pre-coffee state (picture a blind zombie), I stumbled downstairs to feed the kitties and found that they had broken into a Pandora’s box of trouble.  Jupiter managed to nudge and chew her way into the treat box that while containing two delicious packets of cat treats, also housed a whole bottle of kitty methamizole, our other cat Chicken’s meds.  Those medications are flavored with tasty stuff cats can’t resist, and what resulted was a panicked trip to the animal hospital, loads of emergency treatments including the administration of fluids and some carbon to absorb the meds in their systems, as well as lots of observation by vets.

On my end? It was the lousiest day in recent memory.  I’d pictured a lazy morning, the first week of my summer vacation filled with lots of coffee, lots of leisurely nothing-doing moments and a possible trip to the local museum.  What I got was the sinking feeling that because of my carelessness and Jupiter’s natural curiosity, I was possibly going to lose my two favorite creatures on four legs.

My thirteen-year old Chicken Cat, named so because besides being the biggest scaredy-cat I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, has the habit of making a clucking noise every time she jumps on or off a piece of furniture.  I like to think of her as my sidekick because she follows me around everywhere I go and is more doglike than she cares to admit.  Jupiter Mars, our one-year old terror, was born under our deck and is now the resident kook in this house of nut jobs.  She carries around her stuffed Piglet all over the place and considers it her best friend.

My cats were in dire trouble and although I’ve spent my whole life caring for and loving animals, in one moment, I endangered the two furballs I so carefully and lovingly raised. I spent the day punishing myself for not closing the medicine bottle correctly, not stashing the box away in a cabinet because I know that Jupiter is the Harry Houdini of the feline world. My eyes were so swelled up from crying the whole day, I could barely see. Thankfully there was a light at the end of the tunnel between the narrow slits of my eyes.

I got word last night that they are now stable, there is no neurological damage to either one, blood tests are at normal levels now and they are receiving the best of care and will be home this evening.

Lesson to all…don’t underestimate cats. They rule the world…and they like drugs.

But do they like dressing up as babies?  I figured we needed some cheer after this woeful tale.  Hang in there, it’s worth sitting through the 15 second ad in the beginning of this video. Enjoy.






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